Friday, 8 April 2011

Country Living and BCTF

As you all know I've now done both of these shows and while I don't regret having done them at all I can honestly say that the best thing about doing them was the people I met, fellow exhibitors and of course customers when they were there!

This is my stand at Country Living both before ...

and after...
It took me two days to get it to look like this and I was very relieved that you no longer have to paint your stand back to white (if you chose to paint it). I certainly wouldn't have attempted dark purple if that were the case or I'd still be there trying to make it white!

I used chalk to write on the walls inspired by a deep red Poppy Treffry stand I'd seen at the Christmas Country Living Fair. Many comments on that - and it was so useful when I needed to change things around when they sold.

My BCTF stand  is below. I took about 4 hours putting this together; I needed blue tack, velcro hook and fluff ( not a clue what you call the fluffy side) - the point is for this show the boards are totally smooth and you can't use any screws or nails. Butcher's hooks are essential too if you want to do any hanging of your own pictures or shelf construction. Much of my display fell down over night and during the show but other stand holders were great offering help and more hooks!

Old hands created some incredible staging. Worth a visit to fathom how they do it! Unfortunately I was rather sad during the show as my 10 month old rabbit died after a cat attack on my journey up there. I held it together most of the time and meeting Leigh Shepherd and all the other tweeters I did was fantastic; but I just wanted to get home really! This decoration was inspired by him - he was gorgeous - grey not white. He was also called "Lucy Sparkles" ( the children wanted girls) but i've done so many rabbit decorations since having rabbits that I realise now why...

Hence I didn't feel like photographing other stands although I did have a good look.  I would definitely advise a visit first to see if your product fits in before you decide to commit to doing the show. There are many many jewellers and its a great show for you if you are, ceramicists and painter/printmakers. In fact I may come back there as my artist self:)!

I had a christmas wall too and wonder if my stand was just a little too much to take in :)

For Moobaacluck I will have to reserve judgement as to whether it is the show for me. I took an order and had several requests for my price list but the vast majority of buyers are from galleries - only a handful are from gift shops and visitor numbers were 50% down apparently. The recession is responsible for more cautious ordering but some had a great show so there is no real telling! I made far too many order forms, totally complicated. All you need is a duplicate copy book for orders if people make them at the show - and lots of price lists. Well I have plenty of rough paper to doodle on now!

Both shows were very down on visitor numbers. Ask me in a few months if I'm doing either again :)

If you were there and we met - thank you for the chats :)