Sunday, 13 November 2011

Some of last weeks commissions

 Just a handful of the last weeks commissions....I can't quite believe that I have almost 100 orders outstanding as I write. I am staying calm..... I am really really glad that i took photos... as I was cropping this one I realised that I had not finished the glittering on the nearest pink spot. I can't quite believe that I didn't notice it. However I have contacted the customer this evening to let her know I will put it right if she'd like me too!

Good night, x Gabs

Monday, 7 November 2011

Thank you postcards and a winner

Thanks so much to all the contributors to my last post! I used a random number generator once i'd assigned you all a number and the winner is....."Little Brown Rabbit"!

Well done Emma, and thank you for your comment - that's how I felt about the tilting letters. You can't throw letters in the air and expect them to line up! Which thank you's would you like - boy or girl?

Here are the final versions - very close to what I originally did but with some fine tuning:
tilted fairy and "You" tilted up more... essentially version 1 which most people preferred on balance; and for the boys one - a slightly smaller but more distinct T with a smaller pirate boy - position a bit different and I think it works better.

Now to print some out - photograph them and get them on my site asap. Thank you so much for your help, let me know if I can do the same for you. x Gabs

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Help - your opinion needed! Comment and win result..

I need some opinions please... I'm designing some thankyou postcards to go with these invites...  I was quite pleased with the first versions but then asked my husband and he felt the letters should be all tilting the same way.. and the fairy tipped up a bit. Now I am really confused! He may well be right *grits teeth*. Don't let that influence you!

Version 1:
Version 2:

Could  you comment on what you genuinely think works the best please? I could scale up version 1 text wise or scale down version 2 text wise of course, just to confuse matters!:) Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here's the boys' version 1:

and second version:

As a thank you for your time I will choose one of you at random to win a prize in the form of a pack of 8 of the final thank yous - either boy version, girl version or half and half - whichever you prefer.

Fire away! Hope some of you want to help. Ends Monday 12pm just so I am forced to make a decision and get on with them! x Gabs

The competition is now over and the winner has just been announced - thank you all very much for your comments.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Thank you Forest Flower!

These lovely Christmas spiced decorations arrived yesterday:

I really didn't expect them so soon but Andrea ( Forestflower23 on Twitter) is more nifty than me - or perhaps she very sensibly has stock piled up just ready to be beautifully wrapped and posted off! I was the first to order so was delighted when I received this as an extra thank you:

Andrea has just launched her website, I had a look and really liked the traditional fabric she uses with the simple contemporary treatment of the decorations.  I loved the little thank you sticker on the tissue paper she used to wrap up my order too. You can see the website address on this little swing tag too:

Thank you Andrea, they will look perfect on my tree :) with some of my Moobaacluck wooden stars too - same colours!