Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Windowsill

©Tony Buckingham

These fellas have been sitting on my windowsill this week. I've started to have orders for them - last night two came through for the spotty versions. I must remember to take a picture when they are finished. Spot the stone. It's amazing how odd shaped pebbles and gravel end up on our window sills!!

I have started painting the interior of my summerhouse in the last few days. The large tin of paint I found was not the milk and honey colourway for my sons nursery but "Birch" - the paint we've used in our living room. Fortunately I do like it.. it remains to be seen whether it will work well as a background for photography...

 ©Gabriella Buckingham

This is "Birch" with one of this weeks personalised "Sparkle Star" commissions leaning against a pot I made on a wheel years ago when I did a ceramics course.

I'm a bit worn out this evening, I slightly burnt a cake, went for a jog, painted some of the summerhouse, packed and posted some orders - not in that order: I've been up late too, tweaking my website, funny how you spot something every time you visit! It is all part of my branding course. However I will be changing things again soon- once I have worked through the course systematically and in light of what I should find out in this last week of the Flourish course. :) Big things ahead.

I have very much felt that Spring is arriving.

Hard to believe that it was like this only two weeks ago. Personally I hope that was the last of Winter...but I think last year was a bit like this!?

©Gabriella Buckingham

Friday, 24 February 2012

Diana Mayo Illustration

I want to introduce you to Diana Mayo, very talented illustrator who was at Kingston Upon Thames art college with me (quite a few years ago now!)

Even then Diana had a very definite style and quickly went on to become very successful in the publishing world painting many beautiful children's picture books over the years, among other commissions.

I spotted her wonderful print of Chelmsford where she now lives and absolutely love it. Those colours and textures - fab!! If you'd like to order one or see more of her work please read the details below the picture.  

©Diana Mayo 2011

You can also follow Diana on Twitter which she has just recently joined @DianaMayoillo She hasn't tweeted much. Needs a nudge ;

A high quality (limited edition) Giclee print of an original artwork by Diana Mayo, entitled "Chelmsford".

Showing all the best bits, especially if you have children to visit with : )
See if you can find the children hiding, too!

The paper size is available at A2 (420mm X 594mm) or A3 (297mm X 420mm).
The image then sits just inside this with a few cms border to allow for framing.

Price for A2 size is £85 and A3 is £55 (plus postage and packing)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Very Special Cotton Yarn - Rainbow Colours

I had lunch with Penny of Woolly Planet fame a couple of weeks ago when she told me about her latest project.

Just look at this gorgeous wool:

 © Penny Graham Jones

If you want to know how to get your mitts on it - hurry!! simply read this on Penny's uplifting blog.

Penny is now, as far as I know the only British supplier of this particular collection.

See more of Penny's own very skilful work here on Folksy.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pirate bear invitations

One of my bestsellers is the pirate bear star decoration I make for christenings and birthday presents.

A customer recently asked me to make some invitations for her son using this character. I've been meaning to do just that for a while but it helps to have a deadline!
The painting is finished. This is just a section. Now the challenge of scanning in an A3 plus image on an A4 scanner...

Wish me luck.

Ta Da! ( bit wonky and the beige is to show you how I used my new corner chomper;)

I personalise each with your choice of wording on the side of the boat.

Here is the final thing, I'll be taking photos today and these will be available on Notonthehighstreet and Moobaacluck.com by tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I won a set of gorgeous cards from Leaff Design

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to spot an emerging design company and be entered into their draw to win some of their cards. I was one of six winners who were sent a generous pack of 6 cards of this beautiful letter press design. 

The robin is debossed on heavywieght creamy white card and comes with a natural brown square envelope. Here are of their other designs:

I particularly like the way they use text around the images and the wonderful quality of their cards.

Here's what Kaitie Benstead from Leaff design has to say about the business:

"Leaff Design is a small, friendly, graphic design company, based on the outskirts of the beautiful, historic City of Worcester. We love what we do so much, that we created our new shop and all of the products in it, in our 'play' time.

Our shop has been set up to offer a range of exquisitely designed and produced stationery, ranging from cards, prints and as we develop, who knows what else!

In our 'work' time, branding, packaging, and print based design is at the forefront of what we do. We also offer a wedding stationery design service, on a commission-basis.

To find out more about us and view our work, check out our website: www.leaffdesign.co.uk

Look forward to seeing how the range develops too!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Busy designing

I've been taking part in the thought provoking Branding Masterclass run by Flourishstudios.co.uk
This is my mood board for what will be GabriellaBuckingham.com

After a week or so of doing the course it dawned on me that I need to demarcate what I do - the opposite of what I did two years ago when I tried to show all my skills under one site! Which is probably why I have been fighting this mentally for so long.

Rather than forcing things into Moobaacluck that confuse and cloud what Moobaacluck is (to most people it represents a children's line - which is fine) I want to do more while building on Moobaacluck's strengths.

So I've been playing about with a holding page for this new site while I design a stationery range. As you do.

I don't want to get too hung up on how the holding page looks as the background to the actual site will be white... I will be interested to know what Fiona at Flourish and fellow class mates think of these options.

The middle one is probably too romantic and summery. . . but I enjoyed sketching the honeysuckle and learning how to tint a sketch and underlay behind the type  - what a relief! ( ref. to the surfacepattern ecourse that I am taking concurrently)

My favourite has to be the top one. The bottom one reminds me of James Bond... the credits at the beginning ... or holiday destinations. Can't be right.

What do you think?

Friday, 10 February 2012

beginnings with surface pattern

The Surface pattern e course is great but I am struggling to find time to actually do much of it. I have kept up with the reading but because my job is hand painting personalised items for people and have two small children its been hard to make time for it particularly as I have taken on a branding course as well.

I worked really hard yesterday from 8.30am - 6.30pm, only stopping to eat, to finish painting 14 orders and parcel them up, so that I could start work again while my husband put the children to bed. I did manage to post on my branding course ( I am building up some homework behind the scenes) and then at 9pm carry on designing for an excersise on the surface pattern e course

Things come along like buses and I can't resist. Still I am getting a lot from it and am downloading all the excersises to go back to and practice in the future.

I think the doodles below have potential but have realised that although I understand repeat ( I used to design giftwrap for International Greetings) technically to turn a delicate pencil or fine felt tip pen line into a line I can select in Photoshop is a challenge!!

Is the answer only to use a fat pen when you draw? I will try ink and brush next  - I am sure that will be exciting and easier to then play about with colour.

Seriously someone please give me some tips?!
I'll be working on this as a diary cover - you see if I don't.
Hand drawn and or painted is the only way I want to go  - it's important to me to be able to translate that into images I can manipulate. This is where my skills fall down. In the distant past I used light box and acetate overlay to hand do every aspect of my gift wrap repeats  which were all hand painted - computers didn't come into it. I wonder if anyone works that way any more? Probably not.

I shall work on this brief further and come back with some finished style board/ image examples next week -  in the middle of half term *@!* - wish me luck...