Monday, 31 October 2011

Autumn weekend

On Saturday I had to work but the children and Tony went to the Ecotech Centre in Swaffham and climbed up the only wind turbine that will allow you to in the UK! Very jealous. It swayed a bit and there are 300 steps to climb.
There's an unusual garden there too...
On Sunday though it was very much a family day, the children drew out their pumpkins for cutting by Tony in the kitchen....
...while I painted horsehead backgrounds at the other end of the table. After lunch we all drove to Sheringham park and did the spooky trail surrounded by glorious trees and views. 
How blue the sky was... and I loved the autumn colours underfoot ....
And this stunning Acer.. Tony's pic looks amazing large but it runs over the text at extra large :(

No moans or tears and the children were great too. Even though I took great delight in scaring my daughter twice!! Love you FB.
  We climbed the viewing tower and this is me at the top squinting in the sunshine:
And a muddy coloured pic I took of a view through the bushes to the sea:
We pottered when we got back. Funny how that extra hour made the day extend, we seemed to pack so much in! I have a lot of work to do to tame this garden. I did make these beds myself but have been so busy this year I just let it grow and did nothing to it. I am determined to be more self sufficient next year so am getting down to clearing things in readiness for spring. One day I will buy myself a greenhouse to get a head start with seedlings.

There were a few marigolds still flourishing among the parched seedlings so I gathered those up and arranged this to decorate our table when we ate our roast lamb in the evening! Bit of a domestic goddess day :)
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Do you live in Somerset or Norfolk?

Find out all about what promises to be a very special event run by Rebecca Larsen of Edamay. You can find her own shop here but click the picture above to find out more about the event she is organising to run for the weekend of 26th - 27th November.

I will be in Norfolk that weekend exhibiting Moobaacluck in Holt from 10 - 4pm on Saturday 26th November.
This lovely design was commissioned by Lisa Smith- Clare the event organiser. It was created by  Jane of TeawagonTales. Find out more about the people exhibiting here . I was asked to participate by Lisa a.k.a Bobobun and I am really looking forward to seeing her work in person. The blog about her own life and work is here.
And if you are up there do visit a great clothes shop called Annie and Boo; if  you can go there on a Thursday you get wonderful attention from Norfolk's answer to Gok Wan ( only much more delicate and female) in the shape of Sarah Morgan - colour and style consultant. If you are a twitterer you can find @sarahmakeover there too. She'll be walking the Himilayas in the Spring for charity and has organised what looks to be a fantastic evening event on the 18th November at the West Runton hotel; I am hoping to go - depends if we can find a babysitter... ;) Ask her about it if you are local x Gabs

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The postman brought good things today

I was very pleased to see the postman today as he had a nice stack of goodies for me; @whoatemycrayons had sent me my latest batch of Moobaacluck labels and two other things I'd ordered turned up! I hadn't known when this one would arrive as I'd ordered from a seller on Etsy who lives in America...

Bunny Dee aka Danielle Gundry- Monji makes beautiful things, I love her illustration style. I stumbled across her from a mention on someones blog ( sorry someone I am like a butterfly flitting with little memory) and then contacted her through her Etsy shop asking if she would post to the UK. Danielle immediately got back to me and made sure I could order the 3 badges and something else she'd been working on.... may know I rather like bunnies... this was what was inside the box:

I am wearing it now. The chain is just long enough to go over my head without undoing the clasp and it is lovely to find something in gold too rather than silver which doesn't suit me. Love it Danielle - thank you x

I also received these lovely goodies from Valerie at Snapdragon in Scotland for Jane Lindsay.

Now I am not sure whether Jane had time to have a hand in making them herself as she was on holiday in London last week but I was so impressed with the quality and speed with which my order was dealt! and the generousity of the set of stickers and yet another handsome postcard to thank me for my order. Very pleased with these :) I am sure my daughter will love hers. Thank you Snapdragon x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Made by Artisans Christmas Gift Guide

Woohoo!! Ms Tia @whoatemycrayons has pulled off a gorgeously designed brochure featuring 8 designer makers including her own Christmas card designs on the back page and a selection of my work on page 2-3. The other makers, who can all be found on Twitter too are : @3BlondeBearsLtd @Lizajdesign @melandersondes @hwrdesigns @kyleigh @HUSHGIFTS

Well done Tia - we know how hard you worked on this and thank you XX

P.S  Free delivery UNTIL November 1st on any order from my site

Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Anniversary Theo Paphitis' #SBS

I realised last night when I was designing these little cards with (with my Klout bonus)) that it must be almost a year since #SBS launched. 
Happy Anniversary to all fellow winners! and thank you Theo for choosing me so early on, it was very encouraging for me.

When I won I didn't really know what it was all about  as it has only been going for a few weeks, but I think the effect of winning can be cumulative. I'm not one to bang on about things - ahem, so I didn't do a press release but I did have a little flurry of interest and followers and its something in common with let me see...6 x 52 = 312 winners.. that all have the Theo Paphitis seal of approval.

It was lovely to be chosen by Theo when my humble little site was without a shop:) He must have seen something he liked. I just hope he'd like my new site!

Find out more about Theo's business tips here  and more about how #sbs works here

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bargains and not such

Let loose from the shed I went off to Aylsham in Norfolk yesterday morning. I was in search of bargains but as we had to buy sweets for the children ( a Saturday ritual) I left the rest of the family choosing and wandered down the street to window shop. I ended up buying a pair of intriguing earrings that I saw in an antique shop which were only £2.50, almost eyptian like - very dangly and definitely not for everyday wear! But fun. Forgot to photo - sorry.

I forgot to add this bargain from a charity shop, very housemaid:

and here is Freya modelling it! It is a lot smaller on me...

It was incredibly nippy after the heatwave of last week so, (and this is where I really fell down on the bargain hunt), I bought these from "Blossom and Green" an off shoot of Holt's "Annie and Boo":

I had on an odd collection of clothes - a summer tunic over jeans with thin yellow cardigan and last minute green mac - I was freezing!! Those wrist warmers are gorgeous and I kept them on all day. The stripes are a long cosy scarf.

We wandered away from the town to "The Big One" - a large field car boot sale. I'd never been before and its only running until the end of October and although enevitably there were only half the sellers that there seemed to be in the summer ( having driven past several times), there was enough to see on a chilly day. Here are my finds!
OOoodles of this gorgeous artex type material, what shall I make with it!!?? £3.50 :)

Then this little cup for 50p which is very damaged but I just liked it.
Any antique experts out there who know anything about it? Looking at the mark and damage!?

And I also bought these because they made me smile and I have an idea for a photographic project next year in which I may use these!?

Teddy was a pound.  And pig was 10p! I also found a very nice glass bowl for 10p perfect for trifle. Which I have never made but will have to now.... I suppose....

 In the meantime I will try to be good and use the pig to save up for some more bargains. What bargains have you found recently? And seriously what would you sewers make with all that material? I think possibly cushion covers or even a table cloth might be good... do you think it will wash well?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Trying my hand at some sewing!

This is my sewing machine. It was bought for me as a present by Tony my husband and we had to dig it out of the garage so that I could attempt to turn a size 10 skirt that I'd found in a charity shop into a dress vaguely resembling something a Victorian girl would have worn.

Fortunately how to thread it and load a bobbin came back to me and at about 7 pm I got to work. I found an old cot sheet in a trunk and decided that I would make a frilly apron out of that. Nothing like setting yourself a task is there?! I cut the waist band off the bias cut skirt and cut a neck line of sorts. Before Freya went to bed I asked her to climb into it and pinned a few loose pleats to make it slightly less voluminous. Of course I left the hem on the skirt! My sewing is pretty cack handed but I did do that forward than backwards overstitching so it should hold together...
The apron was another story, it took a lot longer but was better sewn on the whole.. I didn't finish until 11.30pm as I couldn't fathom how on earth to make a ruffled hem other than by hand. It was a stab in the dark but it worked and most importantly Freya was pleased enough to say " that's good muma - you should do it professionally!" Er, no I don't think so!
Elliot went off looking a little like David Essex with his Falmer waistcoat and neckkerchief - again last minute finds at a charity shop!
and I plaited Freya's hair

All in all I am very glad we made the effort to send them off like that; it's such a faff but their happiness makes it worth it. Tony took some great photos in sepia effect too and apart from the 1929 bungalow and bike bag you would almost think they were from the past :)

I wonder if Victorian day is happening all over the country or if its just in Norfolk? There was a run on flat caps in North Walsham apparently :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

special sunday

I loved today, it was a bubble of joy and pleasure. Some of my favourite people visited and hoovered up the food I had put together since the early hours.

Ottelenghi and Delia sat on my shoulders with a vague improvistation of Annabel Karmel for the children. Said children were angels that hoverred in the hope of leftovers. ( this is our garden - you can just see our apple tree in the centre of the pic below:

That white chocoolate ganache was heavenly.
OK Ottelenghi - I didn't get it quite right visually but oh my goodness - the flavour and I have to say - how gorgeous they looked despite the ott coulis on the surface.
The other version I made : half creme fraiche, half marscapone- some vanilla essence and 25g icing sugar. Yum...

Those are our lovely friends and our garden .... it faces North East which means the area nearest to the house is in the shade by midday. Perfect afternoon - the kind I dreamt of in summer but that never happened. I feel quite soppy that a day like this happened, thank you Becky, Neil and Suzy and dear dh. X

just re - read this and sozzled would be a better word for "soppy" :)