Bargains and not such

Let loose from the shed I went off to Aylsham in Norfolk yesterday morning. I was in search of bargains but as we had to buy sweets for the children ( a Saturday ritual) I left the rest of the family choosing and wandered down the street to window shop. I ended up buying a pair of intriguing earrings that I saw in an antique shop which were only £2.50, almost eyptian like - very dangly and definitely not for everyday wear! But fun. Forgot to photo - sorry.

I forgot to add this bargain from a charity shop, very housemaid:

and here is Freya modelling it! It is a lot smaller on me...

It was incredibly nippy after the heatwave of last week so, (and this is where I really fell down on the bargain hunt), I bought these from "Blossom and Green" an off shoot of Holt's "Annie and Boo":

I had on an odd collection of clothes - a summer tunic over jeans with thin yellow cardigan and last minute green mac - I was freezing!! Those wrist warmers are gorgeous and I kept them on all day. The stripes are a long cosy scarf.

We wandered away from the town to "The Big One" - a large field car boot sale. I'd never been before and its only running until the end of October and although enevitably there were only half the sellers that there seemed to be in the summer ( having driven past several times), there was enough to see on a chilly day. Here are my finds!
OOoodles of this gorgeous artex type material, what shall I make with it!!?? £3.50 :)

Then this little cup for 50p which is very damaged but I just liked it.
Any antique experts out there who know anything about it? Looking at the mark and damage!?

And I also bought these because they made me smile and I have an idea for a photographic project next year in which I may use these!?

Teddy was a pound.  And pig was 10p! I also found a very nice glass bowl for 10p perfect for trifle. Which I have never made but will have to now.... I suppose....

 In the meantime I will try to be good and use the pig to save up for some more bargains. What bargains have you found recently? And seriously what would you sewers make with all that material? I think possibly cushion covers or even a table cloth might be good... do you think it will wash well?


  1. I'm just salivating over the fabric Gabriella. What a bargain for that amount. For me it would be used for patchwork things, purses, bags, maybe cushions and curtain strips too, all mixed up with creams and oranges I think.

    I gave up on the Aylsham car boot, but seems like it might still have treasure to offer. Your Saturday is one of my favourite ways of spending the day, apart from the cold.


  2. Sounds lovely, I still haven't decided what to make with it all. A bag for Spring could be good :) I have a really nice pattern that I need to blow up and have a go at. :)


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