Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Two new everyday greeting cards for the Gabriella Buckingham range

A short post this one. I did promise myself that I would do some designing yesterday and I'd written the words for these designs months ago.


I am  pleased with the simplicity of one of them and the intricacy of the other. I hand drew the border for the one below with a dip pen before colouring the design in on the 'puter.


In addition I have also finally realised how to make sure that for some designs I can print to the edge! I was trying desperately to configure my Canon printer to print without a white border. A few months ago I 'won' a great German guillotine in an ebay auction and I am simply carefully cutting individual cards down from 150 mm to 12.5mm. Genius eh. Takes me a Of course I have to be very careful with the lining up but a  little thing like this is a bit of a breakthrough!  I produce everything I make myself and knowing I can now do this makes me very happy. Of course as my business grows I will need to find a very good printer to replicate what I do but until then - sorted!


If you can recommend a good printer of short digital runs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincs or Cambridgeshire please let me know.

Both these cards will be available on Etsy shortly.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Christmas - making a start with card designs for both my ranges

Recently I've begun to think Christmas - a little late but better than never.

I have a shop on notonthehighstreet.com and while I didn't make their deadline for the look book last week, realising that there was such a thing and just how early they need images makes me determined to meet the next deadline in early June with some new things.

I'll be adding to what worked well for me last year too:

christmas 2013

I designed two cards in this style a year or so ago and  I'm working on some more to go with these and a few other items too - gift tags and postcards. These will all be part of my Gabriella Buckingham range available in my Etsy shop and in Moobaacluck on notonthehighstreet.com too.

Over the weekend I got my paints out and jumped on the owl bandwagon ( they've been everywhere for a few years) for a woodland animal inspired set of 4 cards I am doing for Moobaacluck. On Sunday I had an idea based on the thought of presents that aren't exactly ideal for recipients - a bit odd but it made me laugh to think that a squirrel might be given a spade for Christmas.


Anyone less likely to need a spade is hard to find. I wonder whether anyone would get the joke at all!? I suppose someone might... I need to work on the wording here though.. perhaps "Huh?" or " I'd rather have socks". What do you think? If you can come up with some pithy words that suit the design that I actually end up using I will send you a pack of four of the final cards once they are done. Just leave a comment on my blog or facebook page and if I use your idea I promise to send you some. The next two will feature a badger and rabbit and a deer and birds.


I thought you might like to see how the images started out. I painted in acrylic on wood ( which then was impossible to scan of course as the sheet was too big)). I took photographs and uploaded them into photoshop to finish the designs off. I had started by doing some excersises in Lilla Rogers new book " Make Art that Sells"  - you can just see the collage with flowers on the left. I wasn't surprised to find that I am drawn to bright complimentary colours like pink and orange and citrus yellow.


What do you think of these cards? I am hoping they will appeal to adults who like the cute and quirky -  the ideal Moobaacluck customer!