Monday, 25 January 2016

New products for Moobaacluck in January 2016

I'm going with the flow in January 2016.. things are changing at and we partners are all re-evaluating what we are doing and brushing things up to put it mildly! I have culled quite a lot of my older designs and will be working on a lot of new ranges this year. Things are definitely starting to look more cohesive although I have just released a pet portrait star that is completely realistic in style but it still has the Moobaacluck ethos behind it. I'll show you that another time! Of course you can see it in my shop right now if you want to.

I've designed several new gift wraps.. not all of which I can afford to print but I have made a start with these two glossy designs which feature that horse who would be a unicorn character that I really love. I made a wooden decoration of him in November that has a glittery hat that makes him look magical and he was a small hit ;)

The would be unicorn has been joined by blue birds in their party hats.

There's a choice of two tags which I print out to order and hand finish too ...

You can also buy a personalised card with the "unicorn" on for birthdays:

And if you have a new baby to buy for there's this decoupage wooden star that you can have personalised on the front and or back too.

It's a collection of sorts isn't it!? :) I'm pleased to say that I've sold at least one of everything since launching them all in the last few days, apart from the decoration as I've only just published that as I write. Hopefully they'll be seen by lots of people and start to snowball a little.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

January 2016 - plans for the new year

I'm still here.  Happy New Year to you all!

I don't feel that I made an awful lot of progress last year, even though I produced volumes of work.Visiting New York to do Surtex was wonderful in many ways but nothing at all has happened as a direct result of that... I believe that I'm better off simply contacting potential illustration clients directly as I used to in the old days!  Consequently I feel a bit daft having tried but it was an adventure... and my eyes have been opened so that's a good thing. And I have a bank of designs to plunder and develop further. I've slimmed down my portfolio considerably to make way for the new. I worked so so hard; it's strange that sometimes that isn't enough. There's a lesson there ;

Moobaacluck is be my focus this year; I have a good little business that could be great if I devote the same level of time to it that I did to preparing for Surtex last year! But.. there always is one... it's also a year to explore painting with no agenda. Just for the love of it. That I am really looking forward to. And learning how to silk screen if I can fit that in too. Experimenting. Making time for that.

On a personal level family and health will be my focus. I really like what my friend Adrienne Vita says in her blog about resolutions and accepting ourselves as we are. If I can make great strides that will be amazing but little changes are what's needed to allow bigger ones to happen.

How was 2015 for you?  What do you think you learned? Best of luck with 2016 x