Saturday, 21 February 2015

I am a bit frazzled - Journey to Surtex 2015

 © Gabriella Buckingham

It's not easy trying to work towards a new goal and keep a business running too! This last week has been hard through lack of sleep (hormones and worrying) but I can only do my best. I have done some things I really love but finding time to pull them together as final products is another matter. If I were completely sensible I would have aimed at 2016 but this is going to be a great experience to build on. My goal is to create as much as I can until the end of March and pull everything together in April. I'm also having a new website built by Tia from Whoatemycrayons so I have a lot to prepare for that too. 

At the moment the process of making artwork is really quite scatter gun which is unnerving; anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of styles. There just isn't enough time to develop them all. I will just have to show the best of what I have got. Part of the reason I am pushing myself so hard is to find out what comes more naturally, what I really love and what is more of a struggle. I always thought I was a painter and that was that.. now I find I love scribbling little characters and colouring ideas in Illustrator - a package that I didn't even know what to do with a year or so ago. But it can get confusing. It's all very well having lots of ideas - then you have to choose from several mediums and then different computer packages to put it all together. Things were more straight forward 20 years ago! But not nearly as exciting :))

I am so glad I am going to Surtex as a collective ( with Cultivate Art - stand 222)  rather than on my own stand - that's something for a couple of years hence I think.

Here's one I have managed to finalise and it's available in my Etsy shop and my one :) This year I reached 7000 sales in my Moobaacluck shop on Notonthehighstreet so there is a strong foundation there to build on when I get back to focussing on that for a while. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Something a bit different

This week alongside painting on wood for Moobaacluck customers and working on new designs for Surtex in May I made this painting on a birch ply circle as an assignment for Lilla Rogers February Bootcamp. I think this would make a good Christmas card design and have sent it to one of my clients for consideration. If you'd like to license it just let me know!

You can see all the amazing work that people did here 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Preparation for Surtex with Instagram

As part of my focus on developing my work and creating at least 60 new designs for my portfolio in readiness for Surtex I have been aiming at photographing something I am working on everyday and posting them on Instagram using the hache tags #createeveryday #gabriellabuckingham and any other relevant tags that pop into my head. It's fun and particularly helpful to me to see my favourites which I tag with my name grouped together. I start to see themes or styles. I've always loved fluid expressive paint and colour, it's intriguing to paint in black ink and see what I can do with that in Illustrator and then Photoshop.. something I would not have known how to do 2 years ago. Crack on!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Where did January go!?

© Gabriella Buckingham

This month has gone far too quickly for my liking ... but it's been a busy one. I have two new clients whose websites I am working on logos and illustrations for; Moobaacluck is ticking along and I've been strengthening my Ai. knowledge  as well as taking a Photoshop course. I have used Photoshop for years in a simple way, to generate all the artworks for my card range but only in the last year have I learned how to build repeat patterns with the offset tool for example. 

It was my birthday in January and I travelled by train from Norfolk with my family for a Duck Tour (among other things)- the one in the amphibious vehicle - which I can highly recommend - interesting and funny.

I have just finished the design above which I will be building a collection around for Surtex in New York this May. I might change some elements - certainly when it is small it looks very busy but the scale this piece is about 50cm wide in reality so it does work. It leaves me room to extract and simplify.

I am working hard on creating lots of new work  - mid May seems like a long way away in terms of days but when a new design like the one above can take a few days to do then it's coming up very fast! Fortunately I really do have a mix of styles so some take less time than others.

I hope that you've had a good January and avoided being ill - miraculously I have even though my nearest and dearest has been struck down by flu. I am so determined not to be ill. 

Later this week I am seeing top web designer Tia of Whoatemycrayons who is going to help me create a much better Illustration site and in the meantime I have client work, Moobaacluck orders to paint and my own logo to finalise.