Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank you to Alex at shedworking

Fame at last

Click above to see the shedworking blog with my messy studio in it... 
Scroll down to January 22nd though! I do love it in there but it needs ALOT of work. 
Serious overhaul this Spring! thanks Alex

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Joining UK Handmade

If you are a member of UK handmade pop over and say Hi
to me here:

Still trying to work out how to get the official link.... I WILL manage it!

Update - I wrote this in 2010 and now at the end of 2013 I have to admit that I have not used UK Handmade much at all. I'd be interested in hearing from others that have whether or not it's been useful.

Monday, 11 January 2010

I appear on the Shedworking blog
This is where you will be able to see a pic of my mess of a shed/studio/summerhouse in a few days.. watch out for it!! And a very bleached pic of me which I like as although I look podgy I look slightly less wrinkly than I actually do... mind you the kind shed man from St.Albans may not put that here it is.. somewhere, no idea how to actually get the pics underneath the text.  Also here's a shot of some hearts I did based on one of the patterns on my bunting I designed a year or two ago!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter 2010 - my garden studio

This morning I woke to this: gorgeous. Managed to take about 8 shots before battery ran out.
Then when I charged it up again I experimented with a display shot - two of my cats. Needs work!
Wonder if it is possible to buy short panels of tongue and groove.. may have to get the saw out. Muted army green ( allbeit with white guaze over the top) doesn't quite cut it. But check out that teapot, very pleased with my purchase at the Emma Bridgewater sale :) You can just see my shed/studio/summer house at the bottom of the garden. BRRR...

Local beauty in the snow

I love the snow, it transports you to the past in a way. Easy to imagine how life was without cars. The children have been off school today which I found tricky having hardly slept.

Moobaacluck is in its infancy and I am finding it hard to juggle it with illustration possibilities, the gallery in Cromer and responding to enquiries and opportunitites; especially when all is not as it seems!! But I have decided to do my first trade show in July at the Harrogate Gift Fair. When am I supposed to fit friends and family in?!
:) Does anyone else just "see what happens" - I'm not one for a master plan. I do love the unexpected journey of self employment.

The second picture was 2nd Jan when we persuaded the children to come for a walk - it was stunning! We went to Cromer for fireworks on New Years eve, the next photo was taken as we drove along. I was NOT driving.