Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday May 30th - part 2

After a bit of a struggle to find a pub that wasn't full to the brim and a little tantrum from me we found The Old Coach Inn in Thornham where I happily guzzled half a cider and a lamb shank puff pastry pie.

Then only a few hundred yards further along we discovered a fabulous treasure of a shop called
"Vintage Home and Garden" run by the lovely Jo Griffiths who I discovered on Twitter when I began to follow her a couple of months ago. I am keen to follow businesses and people in Norfolk that I feel an affinity with and having met Jo today I know I wasn't wrong. We share the same love of colour and neither of us will wear black! Funnily enough we were both wearing yellow cardigans today :)

 (Jo is on the right - what style! and @tonybonus and my young son on the left)

The shop is absolutely lovely. I realise now on looking at my photos that I did not take in much of what was there and am longing to go back without the children. The shop isn't large but every bit of space is beautifully used and with Jo's styling background it isn't hard to understand why.

If you are searching for a genuine old gardening tools, the handles worn smooth from being handled for years you have come to the right place. Elegant glassware, delicate bird cages, giant rulers and highly fragrant candles all grace the longest old French table I've ever seen. Which is for sale....

There are blankets woven from recyled wool, antique toys that make lovely decorations if you can't bear to have them played with. Near the door a lovely selection of contemporary cards and gift wrap
 (one of my three purchases - a card by Biddy Picard published by

..are available and I spotted two bowls of very appealing hand made Snapdragon badges and mirrors by Scottish designer Jane Lindsey, who is also a twitter favourite of mine.

 (The smell potent smell of marzipan rises when you lift the lid, I couldn't resist buying one of these)

Jo is supremely welcoming and helpful and I would highly recommend a visit, looking forward to going back. Tony and I are hoping to visit the Yurt next door again for more than a drink and will plan it for a day when Vintage Home and Garden is open.

While there today I drank a delicious bottle of Breckland Cloudy Lemonade - yum. Breckland Orchard is another Norfolk business that can be found on Twitter.

Do look at to find out more about Jo and Vintage Home and Garden...there is a link there to Jo's blog .... :) happy reading!

Sunday the 30th May - a day off! Part one :)))

We had a very busy day out once we actually managed to leave the house!
First stop Salthouse Church just outside Cley where Philip Walmsley and Brenda Unwin were exhibiting as part of Open Studios. We were able to chat to both artists and naturally exchanged details, not quite sure what Philip made of Moobaacluck but I assured him that I have other talents.. Funnily enough the first thing that struck me wasn't a painting but a beautiful pulpit decoration:

The more I looked at Philip's incredible drawn constructions the more I liked them; he used to doodle geometric shapes as a small boy and now takes great delight in portraying buildings from his imagination "brick" by "brick" with no pressure of having to be architecturally correct. There is a 3 d element to his work when you look at it and the scale ranges from A4 to covering an entire wall.
Brenda's work appealed to me more immediately probably because it is closer to my own - or at least I understand and see the "how" to element of using acrylic on paper. My favourite pieces of hers are those on the far right - the small abstract square(called "Before dusk - or twilight" - can you tell I've forgotten!?)

and the other piece next to it which was a response to a teaching trip Brenda organised locally. Abstract yet not so much so that one couldn't imagine what might have inspired these pieces, the rest of her images were far more concerned with portraying remembered impressions of light and colour; funnily enough they reminded me of Mondrian's - what I call - grid paintings...very fitting to the space and her fellow exhibitor.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

What a busy week

Not a lot to say, been doing too much of that on Twitter! Inundated with work this week literally 10mins after arriving home I had a phone call from someone ordering bunting privately and the new Notonthehighstreet brochure came out so have quite a few orders from that. Not sure whether the amount that comes in will actually cover the cost of being in it, that remains to be seen! But to grow the business one has to take a risk once in a while. My father thinks I am not a risk taker but I'm not sure he knows me that well! To give him his due he has lived in Spain for the past several years so is basing his opinions on annual meetings. Mind you depends how you define risk :)) Just got back from a lovely holiday over there with the children. Sadly I was unable to access a computer :( but actually it turned out to be a good thing as I did begin to unwind after a few days. So much so was raring to go when I got back, still am - only pretty tired now! Holiday photo selection ( heavily edited never fear) will appear here in the next few days.

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Haven't got a clue

I have been awarded a fair few sunshine awards - at least 3, but cannot for the life of me work out how to download the flower logo in order for it to be on my desk top so that I can up load it to the margin here!
Help!! (Please?) I know some of you will know exactly how to do this so will hunt you down individually if you don't spot this ;) thanks in anticipation ! Gabs