Haven't got a clue

I have been awarded a fair few sunshine awards - at least 3, but cannot for the life of me work out how to download the flower logo in order for it to be on my desk top so that I can up load it to the margin here!
Help!! (Please?) I know some of you will know exactly how to do this so will hunt you down individually if you don't spot this ;) thanks in anticipation ! Gabs


  1. Hi I'm no expert but this is how I do it and it has worked so far......right click on the image and select save image as, select your desk top and save it. Hope that helps and works !

  2. that's very kind of you :) the right click bit worked but then when I came to save it I must have saved image "as" the wrong thing cos it wouldn't accept it to upload. Will battle on! x thanks

  3. Thought I'd risk it today! A bit scary posting something that's new to you- so pleased you like it :)

    Muddy Puddle Crafts is correct- let me know if you still struggle to upload it and I can send you the jpeg instead which you can upload.


  4. Emma that's so kind of you - can't seem to manage it! x


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