Sunday the 30th May - a day off! Part one :)))

We had a very busy day out once we actually managed to leave the house!
First stop Salthouse Church just outside Cley where Philip Walmsley and Brenda Unwin were exhibiting as part of Open Studios. We were able to chat to both artists and naturally exchanged details, not quite sure what Philip made of Moobaacluck but I assured him that I have other talents.. Funnily enough the first thing that struck me wasn't a painting but a beautiful pulpit decoration:

The more I looked at Philip's incredible drawn constructions the more I liked them; he used to doodle geometric shapes as a small boy and now takes great delight in portraying buildings from his imagination "brick" by "brick" with no pressure of having to be architecturally correct. There is a 3 d element to his work when you look at it and the scale ranges from A4 to covering an entire wall.
Brenda's work appealed to me more immediately probably because it is closer to my own - or at least I understand and see the "how" to element of using acrylic on paper. My favourite pieces of hers are those on the far right - the small abstract square(called "Before dusk - or twilight" - can you tell I've forgotten!?)

and the other piece next to it which was a response to a teaching trip Brenda organised locally. Abstract yet not so much so that one couldn't imagine what might have inspired these pieces, the rest of her images were far more concerned with portraying remembered impressions of light and colour; funnily enough they reminded me of Mondrian's - what I call - grid paintings...very fitting to the space and her fellow exhibitor.


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