Monday, 5 December 2016

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Guide by The Natural Wedding Company

It's lovely to have been chosen to feature in the Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Guide put together by The Natural Wedding Company; they picked my Winter Woodland gift wrap alongside some beautiful nature inspired wrap and tag designs.

This woodland paper with squirrels, owls and robins has been a top seller this Christmas, I've had to reprint it a week ago so I do have plenty of sheets left to send out as soon as they are ordered ;) The paper is printed with eco friendly vegetable inks.

I can't claim that everything I make is 100% eco friendly but all my painted gifts use organic emulsion paint, wood from sustainable sources and a touch of high quality acrylic and gesso. All the card and paper I use are from FSC approved paper or cotton sources.

Here's a link to the Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Guide  and if you want to go straight to my shop to see what Christmas goodies I have alongside this paper click on

Monday, 9 May 2016

New Prints from Gabriella Buckingham

I had a really quiet spell last week, which turned out to be great for creativity as I designed these a few prints; I made five in all... I just have to tweak a photo or two before I show you the others. You can find them in my Etsy shop or my Notonthehighstreet shop - now and shortly!

I had a horrible incident with a camera lens last week. My husband lent me one of has a few months ago, it was one he never really used and I love it - it's much crisper than the soft one (which I took these with!).. anyway, on fiddling with the tripod with the camera still attached (DOH!) (you have to visualise a four pronged tripod here with one sticking out suspended at the front) to make the legs further apart I loosened it too much and the camera swung down smashing the lens into the central leg. One lens that is now completely useless! Such a daft thing to do.

I was mortified and went off for a walk with my daughter swearing her to secrecy until I'd decided what to do. Money can be an issue sometimes for two freelancers, and now is one of those times - it just felt appalling. After a fair bit of stewing and looking on the internet I came to my senses and told him what had happened and that I'd be buying another. He was lovely about it and helped me find a reliable retailer. All sorted, and it wasn't nearly as pricey as I'd imagined. I should have my new lens tomorrow. Can't wait :)!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Smyths Toys - Our Generation Horse Show - my hand painted horse door sign finds fame

At the start of this  TV advert you can see one of my hand painted horse plaques on the bedroom door. These are only available direct from me. Find the pony shaped signs in my Etsy shop GabriellasShop... I do need to update the photographs but there's a screen shot of the one I made for the director of this shoot in my shop.

Fun to see my sign up there on TV!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hand drawn kitchen cutlery prints for your kitchen: knife, fork, spoon

It was an absolute joy making these prints and I can't wait to do more. This is just to let you know that these are now available as 8x10 inch prints as well as the little 5x7 inch ones. I can only frame the smaller prints though so the larger ones would be sent to you board backed - acid free of course!

Find all the prints in my Etsy shop here: Knife print, Fork print, Spoon print.

I'll be creating more designs in this style and will let you know when they are available.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How do you run a creative business when you want to do everything?

In approximately a months time I'll be going on Jenny Hyde's business retreat. I cannot wait.

For years  I've been wrestling with the way I want Moobaacluck to grow - in fact whether I do!? (I do) and how I do (how should I?)

You might have noticed, if you know Moobaacluck that I've been developing the look of my "brand" and it's becoming clearer. I've made lists and lists of key words... what it's all about.. and I am a little the wiser. It's cute, curious, fun, colourful, for children... and adults who love all of that. It has so much potential. It's a gift business, a stationery business and a home decor business. Who is my customer? I know grandmothers buy from me, uncles buy from me, mother's buy from me, husbands buy from me. If I had to pin it down I'd say women in their 30s-40s. There's a lot of work here to do isn't there! :) I still haven't developed a trade range. All my work goes directly from me to my customers. I love that; and of course working that way means freedom to a certain extent. 

I've been on The Ladder Club weekend; I've been a product manager for Greeting card companies. I know the pressure to bring out ranges and keep them refreshed. I think that's what's stopped me - until now - going down that route. The more I think about it the more I think that it can be done another way. We are in charge of our own businesses. I think I feel another post coming on. I'll leave that for now!

Unfortunately that doesn't mean that when I look at my Etsy shop or shop on Notonthehighstreet it's all totally cohesive... there are some rogues in there that I am fond of and are what I would call "Gabriella Buckingham". Anyone who knows me will know that has always been my battle. There are some new black and white ink pieces that I want to do more of.. but there is a style that's emerging and that's exciting. Catching hold of ideas and knowing what to do first is difficult - as is funding. 

I still hanker to be a professional painter somewhere deep down but I have decided this year to paint purely for myself when I can, not to whine about it, to see if that's just a childhood fantasy that should remain a hobby ( I have had a solo exhibition and contributed to others in the past so it's not impossible) or if I could somehow start a second income stream on some basis . I have yearnings to paint landscapes and abstracts, still life and...that remains to be seen. 

Oh and there's illustration. And silk screening to learn. You see my problem. I go round and round in circles. I need a plan. 

How on earth do you cope with creative dreams alongside a creative business?! It would be great to hear some insight from some of you ..

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Do any of you use Bloglovin?

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just putting this code here to "claim" my blog.. can you tell I don't know what I am doing ? :))

Have a good day!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Have you prepared anything special for Valentine's Day? These might help

It's a strange time Valentine's Day... lovely on the one hand and angst making on the other... and it very much depends on your life stage and personality. I can see all points of view which is why I've kept my Moobaacluck Valentine Pants design going ..

along side this very romantic one with its printed envelope..

The next two are new for 2016

A great one to send to the man in your life... "you light up my life"

and a serious sentiment in a light, colourful, glittery LOVE you best of all way. I also do this one as a framed little Valentine gift with free delivery.

I went to an all girls school until I was eighteen and boys were a foreign species to me.. despite the fact that I had two younger brothers; so Valentine's Day came and went for me with not so much as a sniff of a card as far as I remember. Possibly I got one from one of my parents. It can be tough on the young, that's for sure.

I can't say too much about what I'm up to for Valentine's day in case my husband reads this... if you are Mr. T don't get your hopes up!

All the cards above are available from and at

Happy Valentine's weekend X

Monday, 25 January 2016

New products for Moobaacluck in January 2016

I'm going with the flow in January 2016.. things are changing at and we partners are all re-evaluating what we are doing and brushing things up to put it mildly! I have culled quite a lot of my older designs and will be working on a lot of new ranges this year. Things are definitely starting to look more cohesive although I have just released a pet portrait star that is completely realistic in style but it still has the Moobaacluck ethos behind it. I'll show you that another time! Of course you can see it in my shop right now if you want to.

I've designed several new gift wraps.. not all of which I can afford to print but I have made a start with these two glossy designs which feature that horse who would be a unicorn character that I really love. I made a wooden decoration of him in November that has a glittery hat that makes him look magical and he was a small hit ;)

The would be unicorn has been joined by blue birds in their party hats.

There's a choice of two tags which I print out to order and hand finish too ...

You can also buy a personalised card with the "unicorn" on for birthdays:

And if you have a new baby to buy for there's this decoupage wooden star that you can have personalised on the front and or back too.

It's a collection of sorts isn't it!? :) I'm pleased to say that I've sold at least one of everything since launching them all in the last few days, apart from the decoration as I've only just published that as I write. Hopefully they'll be seen by lots of people and start to snowball a little.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

January 2016 - plans for the new year

I'm still here.  Happy New Year to you all!

I don't feel that I made an awful lot of progress last year, even though I produced volumes of work.Visiting New York to do Surtex was wonderful in many ways but nothing at all has happened as a direct result of that... I believe that I'm better off simply contacting potential illustration clients directly as I used to in the old days!  Consequently I feel a bit daft having tried but it was an adventure... and my eyes have been opened so that's a good thing. And I have a bank of designs to plunder and develop further. I've slimmed down my portfolio considerably to make way for the new. I worked so so hard; it's strange that sometimes that isn't enough. There's a lesson there ;

Moobaacluck is be my focus this year; I have a good little business that could be great if I devote the same level of time to it that I did to preparing for Surtex last year! But.. there always is one... it's also a year to explore painting with no agenda. Just for the love of it. That I am really looking forward to. And learning how to silk screen if I can fit that in too. Experimenting. Making time for that.

On a personal level family and health will be my focus. I really like what my friend Adrienne Vita says in her blog about resolutions and accepting ourselves as we are. If I can make great strides that will be amazing but little changes are what's needed to allow bigger ones to happen.

How was 2015 for you?  What do you think you learned? Best of luck with 2016 x