Saturday, 31 December 2011

January 2nd 2012

Happy New Year !!

(Yes I am a few days late with that but if I manage to post this before Friday then I will be on target for a weekly blog:)
© Jan 2012

This is me with my soon to be 9 year old son on top of what I will call Beeston Bump today. Behind us is Cromer and in front of us along the coast is Brancaster and Cley where we went walking today. It was a beautiful but chilly day. I am wearing what I call my "Simon" beautifully and unexpectedly made by textile genius Mhairi Wild.

The sun has now set on what was a lovely family day full of laughs and delicious food from the pub just outside Holt called "The Kings Head" - Leatheringsett. My Haddock filled the plate and arrived swooping on the chunkiest chips as if it had been battered in mid dive! I think we only managed to get a table because we arrived just as the pub opened.

Wishing all my blog followers a year in which life moves on in the right direction. X

Friday, 30 December 2011

I'm just going to write something to break the dead lock. Shocking that I haven't blogged for over 6 weeks! In the grand scheme of things of course it isn't.

This is one of the garlands I painted between now and then which I particularly liked as is this Mr & Mrs garland which I will be developing as an item to offer as standard - probably in different colourways. This was a specific customer request to go with her wedding flowers. It was a really grey day when I photographed these.

This was the last fair I did in Holt on November 26th...the Pick'n'Mix organised by Lisa Smith Clare aka Bobobun on Twitter. At some point I will magic some time to do a proper post about it. I photographed all the stands with mixed results but I need to cross reference the pictures with the business cards that I have ....somewhere!

But if you can't wait to see do look at PlanetPenny because she has some great photos of the event and actually did a far better job than I might do. In this particular instance;) This is her picture of me looking sheepish: