I'm just going to write something to break the dead lock. Shocking that I haven't blogged for over 6 weeks! In the grand scheme of things of course it isn't.

This is one of the garlands I painted between now and then which I particularly liked as is this Mr & Mrs garland which I will be developing as an item to offer as standard - probably in different colourways. This was a specific customer request to go with her wedding flowers. It was a really grey day when I photographed these.

This was the last fair I did in Holt on November 26th...the Pick'n'Mix organised by Lisa Smith Clare aka Bobobun on Twitter. At some point I will magic some time to do a proper post about it. I photographed all the stands with mixed results but I need to cross reference the pictures with the business cards that I have ....somewhere!

But if you can't wait to see do look at PlanetPenny because she has some great photos of the event and actually did a far better job than I might do. In this particular instance;) This is her picture of me looking sheepish:


  1. So glad I am not the only one who seems to have dropped off the blogasphere! And I havn't the excuse of trillions of orders!! Love the new product am sure it will be a great success.
    Happy New Year.
    Jenny x

  2. Hi Jenny
    I am very sure we aren't the only ones! the good thing is that less people have time to notice in the run up to Christmas.That's what I tell myself!
    Happy New Year X Gabs

  3. And me! I've been struggling with the whole blogging thing recently! Lets hope the New Year gets us back in the swing of things!

    Happy New Year to you both x

  4. what a lovely place.

    greatings send you Conny

  5. Thank you Conny! I've seen your blog - beautiful pictures but I can't read German - or Dutch unfortunately and couldn't see how to comment.
    x Happy New year - Gabs

  6. I love how pretty and girly your stall looks. Well done. x


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