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I am crowdfunding for my next wrapping paper print run

This month I am crowdfunding for my next wrapping paper print run; everyone that gives to the fund gets a code for 10% off Inkpaintpaper til December and depending on what you want to spend you also get wrapping paper sheets at less than retail prices sent to you free of charge. Every person will also be entered into a draw to win their choice of one of three paintings! Take a look here at my JustGiving page

Please take a look at the campaign and I hope you'll become an Inkpaintpaper supporter or know someone who might be a big stationery fan or gift giver that will definitely be interested in having a stash of lovely wrapping paper at home that isn't available in any bricks and mortar shops.

Thanks so much. If you have any questions about it leave a comment or email me at Gabriella "at"

For now the only places you can buy Inkpaintpaper and what used to be Moobaacluck is in my Etsy shop and at my Notonthehighstreet shop. I have to cut costs to s…

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