What do you do when you don't want to bore the pants of people?

What do you do when you have so much on your mind but you don't want to bore people?

I've always felt that talking is such a great way to get things out, to see what resonates; but you can find yourself going round and round in circles, as I certainly have. If you haven't got a willing ear then writing can be so helpful. I've found a blog where you can write anything you like and no one sees it! It's such a great idea. My handwriting - while I love it in my designs - becomes almost illegible and I can't write as fast as I think by hand. I am so glad I took a typing course in my 20's. It was only for a few evenings but my fingers know where letters are.. I don't! Odd that.

If you need to offload and gather your thoughts the website 750words.com is wonderful for that. If, like me you're working out what your business will look like or be in the future it's ideal for that. I have always felt that deep down I know what I should be doing and this is a way to get down those swirling thoughts and possibly access your subconscious. If you have feelings you have to work through privately - it's perfect. What is absolutely fascinating is that you can look at a computer generated analysis of your mood when writing. Apparently in my first blog there I was feeling mostly affectionate and most concerned about money! And my mindset was introvert, positive, uncertain and thinking. There is a lot more detail than that to delve into which I think will prove an eyeopener.

I want to say thank you to Stef Lewandowski from Makelight for this recommendation.

(I've now drunk this tea. I love that cup. It's from Sainsbury's! It has a delicate greeney blue rim which looks so pretty with this coral red.)

What do you do when you have big decisions to make?


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