Bitty Day - Holiday Prep in a hurry.. and also Olympia Zagnoli

Hello everyone. Today's been an odd day, what I call a bit bitty.

I am going to Italy tomorrow; I have to leave home at 2.30am and there's always so much to finish off before you go on holiday isn't there? I'll be back on Sunday afternoon but of course I have to shut my shops or put notices on them and finish a last minute change on a personalised moon gift that's part of my Moobaacluck range. It's cold today so I am literally watching paint dry before I can repaint the words and hope to dash down to the post office in time. I have a bath running right now as I type and I still have to pack and check in for the return flight. I have that alert feeling you have when you want to pick up from the ether all those important things that you've yet to do.. Currency! That involves the Post Office trip. All will be well.

One tidbit.. yesterday I watched a great illustration mini course on Skillshare featuring Olympia Zagnoli an Italian illustrator.

© Olympia Zagnoli - a little section of screen shot which I hope is ok to post, there's a link to the class below.

Her work is totally different to mine and I love it - it's very 60s and 70s inspired and she's extremely successful and I am guessing in her 30's. Anyway if you use skillshare you might like to listen to what she says and watch her work - she uses Illustrator. This link may or may not work.. I'm doing this at top speed!

I did say I'd blog daily; it remains to be seen whether I will manage it! I'm going to try. The place I am off to is a tiny Italian village and I can't remember what the Wifi situation is.



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