Wraptious Cushion Competition - I need your votes!

Fruit Salad

At the weekend I created three cushions from elements of paintings and drawings that I'd done fairly recently, it was so fun! They are three quite bright cushions that I think would look fantastic in a white room that has a one colour sofa.... unfortunately Candyfloss has come out darker than it does on my screen and it's BRIGHT! I would be so grateful if you'd have a look and follow each link to vote for me. All you need to do is press the little Facebook icon at the bottom left of the description of each. Thanks so much.  If you aren't a Facebook user you can tweet the link or use Pinterest or G+ it... it all helps. I think I only have one vote so far... (violins are playing) .

These were so fun to do as I didn't have to worry about making a repeat and I used a lot of Photoshop tools to rotate and select areas and cut areas so colour showed through from other layers - particularly with Candyfloss - it's made up of about three different paintings.



After the Party

Can you spot the theme?


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