Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Musings about twitter

Well as you see I have changed the way my blog looks - only I am not a librarian.

Thanks to lots of fab twitterers I found out about the new template service:

"they've something called "Blogger in draft" which means you can make some changes"" - VickyMD

and top techy teacher Jeff 2869 has told me where to go ( so to speak) to alter the html/css when I have finally created my own background. Shall probably use the one from my twitter page for consistency.

I do love Twitter, but at times it makes me anxious. I'm the kind of person that is very open and then regrets it slightly so it can be a worry... but conversely there are some lovely lovely people who brighten my days. I don't leave the house to an office, just a few times a week to deposit my offspring at school, so for a sole trader, artisan type it is a companion.

I am interested in so many things but truthfully not always on a deep level , so to be able to throw out a question or connect with someone either similar to me ( in terms of career) or from another field altogether is really stimulating. I found a great tweeter today whose mission it is to excite people about reading for fun, and I shall be hunting down a few good reads from her : libraryninja , thank you! I am assuming you are a she! Also a lovely writer realkaywoodward whose picture I love as she looks like "such fun" in the words of comedienne Miranda and tweets - who I also follow, but whose twit name I can't quite remember. There are some fabulous characters to follow who invent personae (spell?) so its never boring!

One essential thing to greater enjoyment of Twitter is Tweetdeck I believe, or Hootsuite: some sort of mechanism in which you can see different streams, searches, replies to you, private messages (yes you can DM or direct message people - IF - they are following you) and see random tweets from people you aren't following pop up in the top right corner of your screen while you work on the computer.

Finally - I have actually had work offered to me through twitter: private clients, potential new outlets, and other business contacts, that vast majority of whom I had never heard of. Elements of my work are now on  and

So if you are a Twitter virgin maybe you should look at it more closely - even if all you do is snoop about a bit first! You can lock your account if you want so only those you approve can see what you write, you won't be seen in the public time line.

Our Weekend Outing

On the way home we stopped off at East Rudham to visit a shop we go past EVERY time we drive to Rutland to my mum's but this time we had the energy and time to stop... those are my two children running to it!

We went to Castle Rising( very near Kings Lynn) with the children on Sunday 28th March, highly recommend it, good guide and v easy to imagine what it must have been like in the 11th Century: stunning location and despite these pics the weather was good if windy! I loved this view, may paint it one day. There is a lovely tea room a short walk away called Unique - affliated to a huge barn stuffed full of glitzy and quirky interiors goodies from baths and sofas to canvasses and cards.

Today's orders

Only two to dispatch today: a last minute doorhanger and a print of my campervan painting. Hope Ollie likes it..

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Fab to see I have 3 new followers on here - hello and thanks  :)) Do say hello if you get time! I am also designgabs on twitter if you haven't followed me as Moobaacluck. I don't really mind where you follow me. I set up a new account on Twitter partly to tweet about non Notonthehighstreet business as I do sell elsewhere and have a fine art career ( ha ha) and an illustrative one too. Does that make me greedy?
Unsurprisingly I don't keep things strictly business on my blog - despite the fact that my entire life is ruled by my "work". But that's what I LOVE to do most so is that surprising? I try and squeeze in a look at the family sometimes too.

And I have just worked out how to get the pic on the left. Good. Think I prefer it!

What I did today

Had quite a good day creatively, possibly partly because I'd actually tidied the studio yesterday so everything was ready for me to get to it! As I'd woken at 4 with severe chest pain (very odd yet to investigate but happens sometimes)I was raring to go at 8am. 

Painted a star - packed it before I remembered that I'd wanted to photograph it! and then two garlands (as pictured), plus did a little work on some fat hearts and rabbits.

At 11.50am went for a fast walk and tiny jog with husband, pleased to slot in some excersise. We are going to Spain in May so I need to get healthy. Completed 3 commissions before 11 am so was very pleased as this allowed me to start what I call a "proper painting" in the afternoon (see above - I always like them at this stage before I tighten up) especially as I didn't need to pick the children up from school. I didn't do much on it as it was a bit tiring standing up for an hour fiddling about, will tackle it tomorrow when I have ( I hope) had a better nights sleep. 

If it turns out well I will of course put the finished thing up here!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I just love my new labels from and my little mini cards. Next time I will make sure I create bleed for the labels but am very pleased with how they've turned out and that they turned up a good few days before the estimated date!

I plonked them over two current commissions that I had almost finished, gently of course!

And am now off to the post office to
post them ...


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thrilled! Bunting to do for a friend

I am so pleased when I get the chance to paint for someone important especially when they blog about how much they love what I do! This honour goes to Becky at DotsandSpots who has credited me in her Mother's Day blog. Her kind husband, knowing how much she liked the look of the birch bunting I make, ordered some from me secretly last week. See here the wonderful display in the DotsandSpots home this morning! Thank you dear Becky - I am thrilled you liked it so much. Once I had painted the heart I felt sure you would!
The picture here is of other bunting commissioned last summer

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Walking locally

Had a lovely walk this morning and arrived back home just in time to get daughter into her tights. Bit of a struggle so my good mood lapsed for 5 minutes! Love her. She does enjoy a tussle every morning... however this is what I saw while walking for 35mins from 7.45am this morning. I had one strong idea for a painting inspired by one of the views.. and found some great fowl reference!! Plus, clearly I had some excercise.. which is a feat in itself.

I even watched Davina's latest fitness video.