What I did today

Had quite a good day creatively, possibly partly because I'd actually tidied the studio yesterday so everything was ready for me to get to it! As I'd woken at 4 with severe chest pain (very odd yet to investigate but happens sometimes)I was raring to go at 8am. 

Painted a star - packed it before I remembered that I'd wanted to photograph it! and then two garlands (as pictured), plus did a little work on some fat hearts and rabbits.

At 11.50am went for a fast walk and tiny jog with husband, pleased to slot in some excersise. We are going to Spain in May so I need to get healthy. Completed 3 commissions before 11 am so was very pleased as this allowed me to start what I call a "proper painting" in the afternoon (see above - I always like them at this stage before I tighten up) especially as I didn't need to pick the children up from school. I didn't do much on it as it was a bit tiring standing up for an hour fiddling about, will tackle it tomorrow when I have ( I hope) had a better nights sleep. 

If it turns out well I will of course put the finished thing up here!


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