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Well as you see I have changed the way my blog looks - only I am not a librarian.

Thanks to lots of fab twitterers I found out about the new template service:

"they've something called "Blogger in draft" which means you can make some changes"" - VickyMD

and top techy teacher Jeff 2869 has told me where to go ( so to speak) to alter the html/css when I have finally created my own background. Shall probably use the one from my twitter page for consistency.

I do love Twitter, but at times it makes me anxious. I'm the kind of person that is very open and then regrets it slightly so it can be a worry... but conversely there are some lovely lovely people who brighten my days. I don't leave the house to an office, just a few times a week to deposit my offspring at school, so for a sole trader, artisan type it is a companion.

I am interested in so many things but truthfully not always on a deep level , so to be able to throw out a question or connect with someone either similar to me ( in terms of career) or from another field altogether is really stimulating. I found a great tweeter today whose mission it is to excite people about reading for fun, and I shall be hunting down a few good reads from her : libraryninja , thank you! I am assuming you are a she! Also a lovely writer realkaywoodward whose picture I love as she looks like "such fun" in the words of comedienne Miranda and tweets - who I also follow, but whose twit name I can't quite remember. There are some fabulous characters to follow who invent personae (spell?) so its never boring!

One essential thing to greater enjoyment of Twitter is Tweetdeck I believe, or Hootsuite: some sort of mechanism in which you can see different streams, searches, replies to you, private messages (yes you can DM or direct message people - IF - they are following you) and see random tweets from people you aren't following pop up in the top right corner of your screen while you work on the computer.

Finally - I have actually had work offered to me through twitter: private clients, potential new outlets, and other business contacts, that vast majority of whom I had never heard of. Elements of my work are now on  and

So if you are a Twitter virgin maybe you should look at it more closely - even if all you do is snoop about a bit first! You can lock your account if you want so only those you approve can see what you write, you won't be seen in the public time line.


  1. Not seen your blog before your changes but love it! Totally agree with the twitter stuff... i am a leave the house only to drop children in various childcare and then back to sewing and it keeps you a little more sane!
    Just signed up to NOTHS today (eek) so might be coming to you for some advice!!

  2. What a lovely piece (and thanks for the mention). I love the way all the elements link together too - Twitter, to Blog, to Facebook - it really is quite fantastic. I saw your tweet, got excited, clicked on the link. Thanks for making my evening!

  3. I've looked at giftwrappedandgorgeous is it any good? x

  4. If I hadn't tweeted I'd have never met you - my virtual friend!! and how sad would that have been? I wouldn't be the owner of some of your fabulous bunting if hubby hadn't tweeted you too!
    I love twitter and although I could do double the amount of work if I didn't tweet, I wouldn't be without it!!!

  5. HA ha - thanks Becky - I really quite like it... shall probably leave it like that for a good while. Partly cos when I tried to change it had no effect one time - and then I lost all my settings the second time. And it makes me look brainy :) like this!

  6. I too am new to twitter, have just clicked to follow you, shall be attempting to come to grips with it over this bank holiday weekend.

  7. Hiya

    Love the new look on your blog not been over for a for a while.I must change my background so it's one of mine too.
    It looks so clean and lovely and all spring liek with the gorgeous blue!
    Must say when I first joined twitter ages ago I really didn't like it, but had a friend encourage me to use it for networking and she said she had found it really friendly and helpful when she went I've been trying to build that up for when I leave my job too so I'm not so lonely at home and there's people ot bounce ideas off. Everyone is just so lovely and friendly and helpful.
    You being turns out to br such a small world really in our industry.
    Thanks again\x


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