Fab to see I have 3 new followers on here - hello and thanks  :)) Do say hello if you get time! I am also designgabs on twitter if you haven't followed me as Moobaacluck. I don't really mind where you follow me. I set up a new account on Twitter partly to tweet about non Notonthehighstreet business as I do sell elsewhere and have a fine art career ( ha ha) and an illustrative one too. Does that make me greedy?
Unsurprisingly I don't keep things strictly business on my blog - despite the fact that my entire life is ruled by my "work". But that's what I LOVE to do most so is that surprising? I try and squeeze in a look at the family sometimes too.

And I have just worked out how to get the pic on the left. Good. Think I prefer it!


  1. hello from a new follower :o) Thanks for submitting your blog to cbuk too, I look forward to reading all your posts. See you on twitter.

  2. Hi Gabby - Have seen Moobaacluck somewhere, living on a farm it clicked into my memory, did visit Cromer October half term so I might of come across it there or we did an event in Cambridge last year. Your name rang a bell though in my inbox from ukhandmade from my other life in Phoenix. Look forward to following you, my next lot of baas are due on the 8th April.

  3. Hello! What a great picture, I look forward to your future blogs thanks for following me too!

  4. just popping by to say hello, I'll stick to following you on here and facebook, I just dont get twitter. I wouldn't say you are greedy, just doing what comes naturally - as we can all aspire to.


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