I just love my new labels from and my little mini cards. Next time I will make sure I create bleed for the labels but am very pleased with how they've turned out and that they turned up a good few days before the estimated date!

I plonked them over two current commissions that I had almost finished, gently of course!

And am now off to the post office to
post them ...



  1. hi gabriella, I have nominated you for the sunshine award, please see my blog for details
    joy xx

  2. Love your little stickers and mini cards. I use them too - aren't they fab? Yours have made me want to redesign mine - they are very dull in comparison - cute x

  3. Thank you so much both of you! Lovely to get some comments ;)

    And Joy you are so kind - and clearly clever to work out how to allocate sunshine blogs .. I will investigate! thanks!


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