Thrilled! Bunting to do for a friend

I am so pleased when I get the chance to paint for someone important especially when they blog about how much they love what I do! This honour goes to Becky at DotsandSpots who has credited me in her Mother's Day blog. Her kind husband, knowing how much she liked the look of the birch bunting I make, ordered some from me secretly last week. See here the wonderful display in the DotsandSpots home this morning! Thank you dear Becky - I am thrilled you liked it so much. Once I had painted the heart I felt sure you would!
The picture here is of other bunting commissioned last summer


  1. I Love it! A wonderful suprise - I had dropped a few 'ever hopeful' hints, not expecting for one minute that he would actually act upon it. Now the big dilema is where to put it!! Thank you so much for making my Mother's Day extra special!


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