Our Weekend Outing

On the way home we stopped off at East Rudham to visit a shop we go past EVERY time we drive to Rutland to my mum's but this time we had the energy and time to stop... those are my two children running to it!

We went to Castle Rising( very near Kings Lynn) with the children on Sunday 28th March, highly recommend it, good guide and v easy to imagine what it must have been like in the 11th Century: stunning location and despite these pics the weather was good if windy! I loved this view, may paint it one day. There is a lovely tea room a short walk away called Unique - affliated to a huge barn stuffed full of glitzy and quirky interiors goodies from baths and sofas to canvasses and cards.


  1. Lovely photos and I LOVE Castle Rising - a proper castle. Haunted by the She Wolf of France. Isabella was imprisoned there by her own son after she had murdered her husband Edward II. Her cries of grief can be heard on the staircase.....



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