Monday, 9 May 2016

New Prints from Gabriella Buckingham

I had a really quiet spell last week, which turned out to be great for creativity as I designed these a few prints; I made five in all... I just have to tweak a photo or two before I show you the others. You can find them in my Etsy shop or my Notonthehighstreet shop - now and shortly!

I had a horrible incident with a camera lens last week. My husband lent me one of has a few months ago, it was one he never really used and I love it - it's much crisper than the soft one (which I took these with!).. anyway, on fiddling with the tripod with the camera still attached (DOH!) (you have to visualise a four pronged tripod here with one sticking out suspended at the front) to make the legs further apart I loosened it too much and the camera swung down smashing the lens into the central leg. One lens that is now completely useless! Such a daft thing to do.

I was mortified and went off for a walk with my daughter swearing her to secrecy until I'd decided what to do. Money can be an issue sometimes for two freelancers, and now is one of those times - it just felt appalling. After a fair bit of stewing and looking on the internet I came to my senses and told him what had happened and that I'd be buying another. He was lovely about it and helped me find a reliable retailer. All sorted, and it wasn't nearly as pricey as I'd imagined. I should have my new lens tomorrow. Can't wait :)!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Smyths Toys - Our Generation Horse Show - my hand painted horse door sign finds fame

At the start of this  TV advert you can see one of my hand painted horse plaques on the bedroom door. These are only available direct from me. Find the pony shaped signs in my Etsy shop GabriellasShop... I do need to update the photographs but there's a screen shot of the one I made for the director of this shoot in my shop.

Fun to see my sign up there on TV!