Thursday, 17 September 2009

My work featured in Country Living!

Moobaacluck Christmas bunting as featured in Country Living in 2008!

Organic paints on sustainable 4mm birch ply  painted to order. Will be on Noths shortly ( if I can get the system to crank into gear here!)

Ink stamp

Found a company in Norwich last night that makes stamps from whatever you draw! Should have mine early next week and if its good I will put their contact details on my blog. Going to use this on the back of my envelopes and probably everything bar the walls in my house.

Really enjoyed doing it, if anyone wants me to design one for them let me know!

UPDATE: Really happy with my new rubber stamp! it's faithful to my design and prints well once I get the ink loaded properly. I got it from based in Norwich. Fabo!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Wooden stars and some cards from early on

Two stars that were commissioned this week and some cards I've finally uploaded, you can see details  here
the stars are under
"character stars"

Saturday, 5 September 2009 shop front

Just updated my notonthehighstreet storefront, think it's much better.

Let me know if you spot any grammatical mistakes or otherwise.. and should I show my face!?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hot off the Press

Pic from my recent exhibition of paintings

This is my daughter running away from some of my paintings at the Garden House Gallery in Cromer!

I was selling Moobaacluck items there too and did really well, which was a lovely surprise. Cards and little decorated wooden items all added up to over £300 sales! Plus I did sell the large tree painting on the right ( just seen) and the one of our garage roofjust behind Freya. All the others are still for sale and of course this was only a small proportion of what was there. Still not bad for a weeks exhibition that was only at for the private view!

Mr Site - disadvantages

Pleased as I managed to insert a link to my facebook fan page into my site this morning! I really like Mr Site but the only downside is the shop facility as it seems you can only list an item and then the quantity available. Which means that people can't specify personalisation or variation so they will have to use my noths site. Hey ho. No bad thing in a way as it makes it simpler for me. Unpersonalised things on my site and the rest at If any of you are thinking of joining do please mention my recommendation code :RC005226 !

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My facebook like page when it was Moobaacluck!

Fancy being a FAN?
I'd love to have you... 35 fans so far; something is supposed to happen when you have 100 fans. Not sure what as yet....

Update. You can now find Moobaacluck and Gabriella Buckingham in one place. Phew.