Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gift wrap arrives!

My first two designs have arrived! So quickly too.. I only approved one of them yesterday morning. This one is for Moobaacluck and you'd have seen a mock up a few weeks ago.

This one is called "Circus Spiral"  - and I am delighted with how it has turned out :) And it suits so many ribbon colours darlink. So I think it would work well as a wrap for almost anyone.. do you?

As my new site is still under construction this wrap will be available exclusively and for a limited time on here
I will be out selling it in person at the town hall in Holt Norfolk on 9th June when it gets its first public outing at the Summer Pick'n'Mix organised by Bobobun. Can't wait to see how both wraps go down.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ed Emberley

tumblr_loo2l5ITsN1qfhr6z.jpg (400×326)

I came across this wonderful video blog by Illustrator Ed Emberley last night and just had to share - what a wonderful man. And I love the fact that he talks about using an ink pen when he first started out - I didn't recognise the type of pen he meant until he showed it; then I realised he used the same sort of dip pen as I am doing right now in my new work. I think I was born too late:)

If you are an illustrator or print maker who draws by hand you'll love this. Click on the link below.

I took this image from Tumblr as I wanted to put something visual here but if I need to take it down just let me know please someone. Very thankful that I took part in the surface pattern course with Rachael Taylor - otherwise I wouldn't have seen the vlog ( was going to call it video;) and the joy with which Ed imbues all that he does.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Gift wrapping for customers

This week I decided to add hand cut gift tags to my range as I often make them when people request gift wrapping so why not offer them for sale? I also decided to offer complimentary gift wrapping to any customer that requests it both on my own site and on my Noths site.

I will be producing the blue wrap pictured both for sale and to wrap Moobaacluck items.

Currently I wrap most items in the brown paper with the pink floral print as I think it works really well. Unless the gift is for a boy in which case I use something from my stash of Phoenix Trading wrapping paper ( I am still officially a trader so that's fine). This weeks task, among others, is to create a more boyish or possibly unisex wrap design that compliments this one. Wish me luck!