Gift wrapping for customers

This week I decided to add hand cut gift tags to my range as I often make them when people request gift wrapping so why not offer them for sale? I also decided to offer complimentary gift wrapping to any customer that requests it both on my own site and on my Noths site.

I will be producing the blue wrap pictured both for sale and to wrap Moobaacluck items.

Currently I wrap most items in the brown paper with the pink floral print as I think it works really well. Unless the gift is for a boy in which case I use something from my stash of Phoenix Trading wrapping paper ( I am still officially a trader so that's fine). This weeks task, among others, is to create a more boyish or possibly unisex wrap design that compliments this one. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Gabs, not that you'll need it. Can't wait to see your stationery range develop. x

  2. Really love your products. So pretty!

  3. Hello there, delighted to have found you! As a fellow Norfolk dweller, it's lovely to stumble across such local creativity. Heading over to your shop now to take a browse - from what I see here on your blog, I'm sure that it will be wonderful! paula x


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