Ed Emberley

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I came across this wonderful video blog by Illustrator Ed Emberley last night and just had to share - what a wonderful man. And I love the fact that he talks about using an ink pen when he first started out - I didn't recognise the type of pen he meant until he showed it; then I realised he used the same sort of dip pen as I am doing right now in my new work. I think I was born too late:)

If you are an illustrator or print maker who draws by hand you'll love this. Click on the link below.

I took this image from Tumblr as I wanted to put something visual here but if I need to take it down just let me know please someone. Very thankful that I took part in the surface pattern course with Rachael Taylor - otherwise I wouldn't have seen the vlog ( was going to call it video;) and the joy with which Ed imbues all that he does. 



  1. I've seen this video a while ago, I found him so inspiring :)


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