Friday, 18 June 2010

off to the post office any second...

Felt in the right frame of mind (let's face it, wasn't in a mad rush for a change), to pack up my orders in the way I mean to continue.

Some of you will know that I have been a Phoenix Trader in the past (still am officially) and I have rediscovered these very useful recycled labels that are perfect for sticking over envelopes that as still reasonably serviceable but that I may have made a mistake with the address on!

I think using my flower stamp makes a world of difference and quite honestly I don't always have the time to do this, but am going to try from now on.

I like to reuse packaging wherever possible but at the same time not everyone appreciates that:( There is a fine line for some between sending something that looks like a gift and something that looks scruffy.

So I will recycle padded envelopes if I can remove or cover previous addresses and stickers but not if it risks a customer thinking that I don't really care how Moobaacluck is perceived. So serious:) And yes the photo below is out of focus... I bet there is a spot somewhere that isn't ?

A couple of things...

Two furry and in the case of one, fluffy things have now arrived at the Buckingham household. They seemed very camera shy this morning but I managed to get some shots 5 mins before I whizzed the children to school...
 I am just slightly worried as we were told they are both boys..and the grey one keeps mounting the fluffy one. Hmm any advice?! Perhaps I should get a second opinion sharpsish!

Monday, 14 June 2010

the buzz of another follower

Beehive © Gabriella Buckingham circa 1998

Oh I have 44 followers of my blog - thanks whoever the 44th was! I was beginning to think 43 was my limit ;) I very much appreciate anyone who follows me. There are so many blogs that its quite something  to actually move someone to press that button !

Don't be shy about leaving comments and if I am not following you let me know and I will; relationships are important to me especially as the work I do is so time consuming but predominantly solitary. There isn't a lot of time to see my real life friends so virtual friends do actually mean something. Some may think that is rather sad of me - others will realise it just is what it is. She says in a slightly un- thought through - sort of - the dinner is ready and I have to go - sort of way!!!!!!!

No news is good news?

I have found it difficult to have any time off lately; I am not complaining about having all these lovely orders though, just my ability to handle it. When you are busy it is the time when you really need to be at your healthiest in order to cope and with the type of work I do, involving a huge amount of time sitting down painting this isn't easy. Hence giving up cakes, biscuits, jam and sugary cereals (day 4 and it hasn't been too bad surprisingly) - if I can't find time to move about much something has to give.

Constantly working like that makes you question why you are doing it!! It is essential to love it ; people always say "you must be so patient" when they see what I do and hear how long it takes. That surprises me as I wouldn't say I was a patient person particularly, in fact I am at my calmest quietly working away. I have considered using spray paint and it just wouldn't hold any joy for me. Painting is almost like meditation. Hours pass and it is incredibly satisfying to see the beautiful results. This is part of the view from my summer house this weekend.

Despite working for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday I did manage to see some of the family and hold a chicken for the first time when we all went to visit the local garden centre for what we call "Chicken Day". Certainly lost most of my anxiety as to whether I could handle a bird!

I read part of the paper, ate outside and saw the children happily creating their own floral artworks; my daughter's is pictured here.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Thoughts on the future

Being accepted for the Country Living fair in Spring 2011 is going to help me to focus. Am very excited about it! This is a link to my LIKE page where you can read more. I will be blogging about my progress as I think it would be very helpful for someone like me who hasn't actually done a big retail fair like this to document all the things you have to do to prepare. I've exhibited locally but this is completely different.!/pages/Moobaacluck/108970109141355?ref=sgm

I will let you know if I am accepted for the BCTF too which, as a trade fair, would be totally different but potentially life changing.

Here are pics of my garden a few days ago. After going to Spain and it was lovely to see things bursting up all over the  place.. although of course there are more weeds than anything!