No news is good news?

I have found it difficult to have any time off lately; I am not complaining about having all these lovely orders though, just my ability to handle it. When you are busy it is the time when you really need to be at your healthiest in order to cope and with the type of work I do, involving a huge amount of time sitting down painting this isn't easy. Hence giving up cakes, biscuits, jam and sugary cereals (day 4 and it hasn't been too bad surprisingly) - if I can't find time to move about much something has to give.

Constantly working like that makes you question why you are doing it!! It is essential to love it ; people always say "you must be so patient" when they see what I do and hear how long it takes. That surprises me as I wouldn't say I was a patient person particularly, in fact I am at my calmest quietly working away. I have considered using spray paint and it just wouldn't hold any joy for me. Painting is almost like meditation. Hours pass and it is incredibly satisfying to see the beautiful results. This is part of the view from my summer house this weekend.

Despite working for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday I did manage to see some of the family and hold a chicken for the first time when we all went to visit the local garden centre for what we call "Chicken Day". Certainly lost most of my anxiety as to whether I could handle a bird!

I read part of the paper, ate outside and saw the children happily creating their own floral artworks; my daughter's is pictured here.


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