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Two furry and in the case of one, fluffy things have now arrived at the Buckingham household. They seemed very camera shy this morning but I managed to get some shots 5 mins before I whizzed the children to school...
 I am just slightly worried as we were told they are both boys..and the grey one keeps mounting the fluffy one. Hmm any advice?! Perhaps I should get a second opinion sharpsish!


  1. dont believe everything you are told. we had 2 females??? and ended up with a litter of 5 which we didn't discover until they were a couple of weeks old (hiddden in a hay bale), by which time she was pregnant again and we had another litter of 8, so from 2 rabbits we went to 15 in a very short space of time! get your vet to look at them, and if you have one of each get the male done asap (cheaper op than female) good luck.

  2. Will do Joy - thank you. X have a lovely weekend. It has just poured with rain here for about 30mins.. ran out to check the bunnies in my PJs, of course they were back in the hutch looking reasonably cosy.

  3. I have two boys and they kept humping each other's heads! couldn't even get the right end!
    I had them neutered at 5 months and they haven't done it since. its normal.
    Two girls do the same apparently.
    take them to the vet for a check up anyway - they will need their jabs Miximatosis and VHD. You will also need to do treat them for Flystrike - the vets can sell you the stuff.
    even if you have a girl bunny she will still need to be neutered as 80% will die by the age of 5 of Uterine or Ovarian Cancer. :( and it will stop them getting all hormonal.
    I'm keeping a bunny diary on my blog http://thebunnymaker.blogspot.com/p/nosy-spike-warren-bunnies.html
    and a great place to find out stuff if the Bunny Lovers Unite FLickr group...

  4. Thank you Anna - X very kind of you :))


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