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Beehive © Gabriella Buckingham circa 1998

Oh I have 44 followers of my blog - thanks whoever the 44th was! I was beginning to think 43 was my limit ;) I very much appreciate anyone who follows me. There are so many blogs that its quite something  to actually move someone to press that button !

Don't be shy about leaving comments and if I am not following you let me know and I will; relationships are important to me especially as the work I do is so time consuming but predominantly solitary. There isn't a lot of time to see my real life friends so virtual friends do actually mean something. Some may think that is rather sad of me - others will realise it just is what it is. She says in a slightly un- thought through - sort of - the dinner is ready and I have to go - sort of way!!!!!!!


  1. I know what you mean, its lovely when people choose to follow and comment on your blog. Have you seen the film Julie and Julia about someone who blogs? I have a blog as well and would love it if you followed

  2. Hello! I think that was me :)

    I have been a fan on facebook for a while..., and realised I wasn't following your blog (hope that doesn't take the edge off!)

    But My name is Leah, I am attempting to start selling things on Folksy and blogging as I am at home with 2 very small children....but it's tough to stay motivated and find the I seek inspiration and encouragement...and I am very happy to be here..... speak soon XX

  3. I always get a spring in my step when I get new followers. It's not sad, it just goes to show that blogging can be a powerful social network. It means more to me than "i've got more followers than you, therefore I'm more popular" I'm just grateful for any followers!

  4. I have been following you for a while, and I feel the same as you. I have moved to a new area where I dont know many "real" people, so its lovely to sit down at my desk, ramble on a bit and know that others "out there" are reading, and sometimes commenting.
    joy xx

  5. Was one of your very first followers but had been a secret fan before twitter and blogs and facebook! Keep up the good work my dear - slowly but surely all your hard work is paying off my virtual friend!

  6. Secret fan? :) well I am amazed :)) x You've been a great support to me Becky - thank you

    Tracey am now following your blog too so see you over there sometime!

    Jms - very enigmatic Joy! and I like the look of your veg;) Off to follow for tips!

  7. I'm still here, checking your blog via my reader so I get the very latest updates! At 44 you're obviously doing very well as I have only 12 **sobs**

  8. WAAH!! we'll see what we can do :)- about that.... x GAbs

  9. I totally know what you mean every time I get a new one I get sooo excited, blogging is so motivating and comments keep me going. You may be in your 40's with followers but look at your FB you have twice as much as me how do you do that ? :)

  10. Hi!,

    Just caught up on your blog. Enjoyed it. Just noticed where you live - my Auntie lives in North Walsham too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.


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