Saturday, 30 June 2012

Task for this weekend

My task this weekend is to paint this for the school fete next Friday. Children will be throwing bean bags through it. My friend Richard cut it out and kindly started it off by giving it a couple of coats of emulsion. We discussed all sorts of rudery for the images around the holes :) but it will be a very wholesome pattern based board. 

Now a spot of gentle stretching is in order before I get started on it - I've been hunched over painting a lot this week and have a stiff neck threatening. I did almost promise Amy from Chambers and Beau that if she went for a run I would... I may have to swap that for lots of stretching and yoga-ing instead. She's unlikely to read this ;)

I'll post the result here early next week. Deadlines are good.

Here is the finished result! Up early on Sunday morning July 1st to finish it off :)

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

Friday, 29 June 2012

A new Christmas design

I thought I'd show you a new design created at the begining of June inspired by 'Baby's first Christmas' then I realised that of course you could do any character.. I've done a grandad too:)

Think I will have fun with these. In a couple of weeks there is a sale on Notonthehighstreet and I though this could be a good way of drawing them to my customers attention and at the same time it's a way to thank the organised customers who get in there early, with their Christmas orders.

What do you think of them?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Almost won, no cigar but great experience

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted and very surprised to be listed among 12 or so Notonthehighstreet partners as a potential winner of a new award of 'Community Ambassador of the year 2012'. You can probably imagine how amazed and thrilled I was to make the shortlist of 3 partners - the other two being Ali Millard of Milly and Pip (who I'd voted for) and Helen Lindley of Lindleywood.

thanks to Karen from Blueberry Park for taking this for me

Off we all went to the awards and honestly it was like going to a wedding! Large round white tables decked out with pure white heavy linen cloths - white chairs, large trees in pots, central waiter served buffet and the most glamourous port-a-loos I've ever frequented. The venue was the Garden Room in Syon Park - sadly it was a rainy day so I don't think many people ventured out into the grounds - but it didn't matter. The day was packed with photography workshops, interesting talks, the award ceremony and delicious food to eat while grabbing as many chances as possible to chat to old friends and new.

 the queue for the photography workshops

All the shortlisted nominees for the awards had either had a product photographed and placed on easels as table centre pieces (or if they'd won before or been nominated in earlier years - as in the case of Tracy from Button and Bean then a portrait instead). We were all keen to take ours home as mementos. I'd touched up my two horse plaque samples and was really pleased with how they looked - much larger than the real things!

I had such a good time I forgot to take more photos! I was also interviewed on camera which turned me into a grinning sycophantic Noths advert - mind you it was before the awards when I thought I might win. That's my excuse. Nevertheless I think it was a great day and I wish I could have stayed even longer.

Well done Lucy Wood and the rest of the Notonthehighstreet team. The cakes were of course the best part.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Self portrait

I realised looking at blogs at the weekend as I like to do on a Saturday and Sunday morning with my huge cup of green tea that it has been over two weeks since I blogged here! Partly this is because I have posted a couple of times on partly its just that happily, I've been busy.

I've also been working at my site too. Finally I have settled on a front page design and the approach. Today I photographed myself for a little shot on the about page of my bonce. I've always admired Cindy Sherman but my approach has ended up slightly pre- raphaelite in look (see much further down)! Which I didn't expect. I took some horrendous shots of myself with hardly any make up and plasticine face... although some I found intriguing as you don't often see yourself from the side do you? These two are ones I quite like... you're not seeing the worst!

Of course holding a tiny camera up as far away as you can to take a portrait isn't ideal. I knew I'd be cropping any shot I did end up with - assuming I liked one - very severely to get around that problem. Many of you will know my husband is a photographer and I really should take advantage of that. However - I love - absolutely love- doing the creative bit myself - at least trying to. I always know what I want. Perhaps its more that I know what I want when I see it!

I had a lot of fun being silly and serious this morning, I put some more make up on and one of @woollyplanet s felt roses in my hair and had another go..and ended up with my head in a flowerbed. Now I have quite an itchy neck and suffice to say there were a few sneezes earlier. But goodness me lying backwards does help shift a few pounds!!

This is the shot I chose - for the site I cropped it to a circle.

It's not essential to have a picture of yourself on a site but I think it really helps people to connect with you. My site is just about me and what I do; I won't be using 'we' throughout it.
I'm an artist and illustrator who - currently - does everything herself. I have a number of a local accountant now though and I think I will treat myself to a visit soon.

Hope you've all had a good weekend x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Little artists

I've just put some sketches that I did on holiday on the blog but here are the two budding artists at work in the Spanish heat on our last day - yesterday!! I have drawers full of their artworks - they are an inspiration to me. I am sure they will love seeing their own work when they're adults - I know I would have!

A second blog

Some of you will know that a few months ago while doing the surfacepatternecourse I set up  Inkpaintpaper on Twitter. I've spent virtually all day (be fair I haven't touched a computer for about 10 days!) fiddling with the corresponding blog trying out different colour ways and then tweeking the twitter page too.

This is the new badge I'll be putting on my Moobaacluck blog so people can find it easily if they're interested in seeing what I get up to.

I've been building a new blog on Wordpress and there is still much to do but I am pleased with how it is starting to look. It may change again tomorrow... but  I really ought to start work on some commissions so I will try to resist!

There's SO much work still to be done before my new portfolio/shop site is live but  I have to take it slowly and steadily so that I don't launch something that then isn't fit for purpose.

At the moment I am still teetering between a couple of routes... but  I won't bore you with it!

I'll still be Moobaaclucking it here too - I don't intend to end this blog unless or until I get to a point where there simply aren't enough hours in the day.