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Some of you will know that a few months ago while doing the surfacepatternecourse I set up  Inkpaintpaper on Twitter. I've spent virtually all day (be fair I haven't touched a computer for about 10 days!) fiddling with the corresponding blog trying out different colour ways and then tweeking the twitter page too.

This is the new badge I'll be putting on my Moobaacluck blog so people can find it easily if they're interested in seeing what I get up to.

I've been building a new blog on Wordpress and there is still much to do but I am pleased with how it is starting to look. It may change again tomorrow... but  I really ought to start work on some commissions so I will try to resist!

There's SO much work still to be done before my new portfolio/shop site is live but  I have to take it slowly and steadily so that I don't launch something that then isn't fit for purpose.

At the moment I am still teetering between a couple of routes... but  I won't bore you with it!

I'll still be Moobaaclucking it here too - I don't intend to end this blog unless or until I get to a point where there simply aren't enough hours in the day.


  1. Hi, was the the surface pattern course you did good? I have been thinking of maybe doing one myself as I have recently become interested in pattern design - would you recommend it? what course was it??

    Good luck with your new blog & shop venture!



  2. Julia it was fabulous. I'd thoroughly recommend it. I only did mod 2+3,and wish id done the first one!
    thank you x


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