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I realised looking at blogs at the weekend as I like to do on a Saturday and Sunday morning with my huge cup of green tea that it has been over two weeks since I blogged here! Partly this is because I have posted a couple of times on partly its just that happily, I've been busy.

I've also been working at my site too. Finally I have settled on a front page design and the approach. Today I photographed myself for a little shot on the about page of my bonce. I've always admired Cindy Sherman but my approach has ended up slightly pre- raphaelite in look (see much further down)! Which I didn't expect. I took some horrendous shots of myself with hardly any make up and plasticine face... although some I found intriguing as you don't often see yourself from the side do you? These two are ones I quite like... you're not seeing the worst!

Of course holding a tiny camera up as far away as you can to take a portrait isn't ideal. I knew I'd be cropping any shot I did end up with - assuming I liked one - very severely to get around that problem. Many of you will know my husband is a photographer and I really should take advantage of that. However - I love - absolutely love- doing the creative bit myself - at least trying to. I always know what I want. Perhaps its more that I know what I want when I see it!

I had a lot of fun being silly and serious this morning, I put some more make up on and one of @woollyplanet s felt roses in my hair and had another go..and ended up with my head in a flowerbed. Now I have quite an itchy neck and suffice to say there were a few sneezes earlier. But goodness me lying backwards does help shift a few pounds!!

This is the shot I chose - for the site I cropped it to a circle.

It's not essential to have a picture of yourself on a site but I think it really helps people to connect with you. My site is just about me and what I do; I won't be using 'we' throughout it.
I'm an artist and illustrator who - currently - does everything herself. I have a number of a local accountant now though and I think I will treat myself to a visit soon.

Hope you've all had a good weekend x


  1. Hmm, so how is it you get Pre-Raphaelite and I get saggy jowls when I try the lying back approach?!!! Love the photos Gabriella and am now off to read through some older posts x

  2. LOL Pipany - I think the skill or luck is in the editing of numerous duff photos!! :) x

  3. Definitely a good choice the last one, love the colour combo! :)
    Jess xx


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