Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Decisions, decisions..

As you'll know if you're one of the lovely people who has taken time to read this blog, I set up another one. Actually I am glad I did as it is fulfilling the need in me to make work other than Moobaacluck work! However the happy thing about it is that it has resulted in me falling in love with Moobaacluck again - not because I missed it - I've actually been very busy painting for Moo these last couple of weeks, but because I can now see how it can develop in the future and the things I worried about aren't really things that are unsolvable.They can all be dealt with as and when.

Christmas Kitten - copyright Gabriella Buckingham

Although I was advised by a few people to have just one blog and incorporate everything I do there  I miss blogging here and keeping up with Blogger friends too which is so much easier to do if you are blogging regularly. I love to try new things and keep learning and sometimes that takes you full circle.

I was going to ask your thoughts on whether you think I should resurrect this blog.. I'd actually started a new one on Moobaacluck.com which you can see if you're quick. There's only one post!
But as I write I find I answer my own question. I know it can be done, even if no one but me actually reads what I write. Scratch that. I think I might have been just getting Nostalgic?  I can still keep up with you all through my reader:) I suppose if you miss me you will seek me out and if not then *sob* . If any of you have two blogs for two strands of business please let me know below - how does it work for you? do you wish it was all in one place?

Blogging actually gives me real pleasure. I make mistakes - I goof up  (can you tell I've been listening to Amercian interviews) and can be a little too warts and all sometimes. I forgive myself. Life is too short. Enjoy it and don't worry about what other people think you SHOULD do. If you're happy doing it, do it. One of the absolute pure joys of being a solo self employed business woman - for yes that's what I am in my haphazard but increasingly determined way is that you are in charge.

Some of you will know that my grandfather died this week at the age of 94, he had a long life and for almost 93 years a very healthy one. The first half of his life was so eventful - in charge of a ship of men to sail to defend the Suez canal, I can't help but think he must have been bored and frustrated with life in his last two years, relatively housebound. When someone you love dies it makes you question what is important. Embracing life is and making the most of it. Opening up not shutting down. Doing what you love. Being with those you love as much as possible.

All obvious and this post has turned into one of those bare my soul types again! It helps me X

Sunday, 5 August 2012

#ippdailydraw fancy joining in with the drawing?

Here's a link to an explanation of a daily drawing challenge I've set up:


This is my new blog address too.

This ISN"T one of the drawings... it's not observational ...it's just from my brain... but once I've uploaded a 'proper' one daily to my new blog inkpaintpaper.com they get virtually disposed of!

© Gabriella Buckingham July 2012

There's a Flickr group to post to if that's up your high street... and Twitterers are posting pictures with the hache tag #ippdailydraw 

Hope to see some of you joining in :)