off to the post office any second...

Felt in the right frame of mind (let's face it, wasn't in a mad rush for a change), to pack up my orders in the way I mean to continue.

Some of you will know that I have been a Phoenix Trader in the past (still am officially) and I have rediscovered these very useful recycled labels that are perfect for sticking over envelopes that as still reasonably serviceable but that I may have made a mistake with the address on!

I think using my flower stamp makes a world of difference and quite honestly I don't always have the time to do this, but am going to try from now on.

I like to reuse packaging wherever possible but at the same time not everyone appreciates that:( There is a fine line for some between sending something that looks like a gift and something that looks scruffy.

So I will recycle padded envelopes if I can remove or cover previous addresses and stickers but not if it risks a customer thinking that I don't really care how Moobaacluck is perceived. So serious:) And yes the photo below is out of focus... I bet there is a spot somewhere that isn't ?


  1. Didnt know you did a blog too! Will follow you now, in a nice way of course. Your packaging looks lovely and I agree there is a fine line in recycling when you are in business.
    Jenny x

  2. I think they look really lovely and whole heartedly agree that it is worth taking that little bit of time and effort when packing up your orders. It will certainly be a parcel they won't forget!

  3. Packging looks lovely,:)
    And I would get the bunnies checked though they do do the "mounting" thing - even if same sex :S

  4. Hello Jenny - thanks for following :) I'm curious now as to why "Winni" briggs; is it something to do with horses?:))
    Thanks Becky - I do use your lovely tape sometimes too, just used up one roll and have to ferret about to find the second one!!
    Mel - am going to ring the vet today if I can find out the number !

    Lovely to have your comments - thanks :)


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