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Pleased as I managed to insert a link to my facebook fan page into my site this morning! I really like Mr Site but the only downside is the shop facility as it seems you can only list an item and then the quantity available. Which means that people can't specify personalisation or variation so they will have to use my noths site. Hey ho. No bad thing in a way as it makes it simpler for me. Unpersonalised things on my site and the rest at If any of you are thinking of joining do please mention my recommendation code :RC005226 !


  1. Hello, just read your comment re: mr site and shop pages... having finally completed my own mr site (marathon task being the computer numpty I am!) I got around the personalisation part by adding a few words under my examples i.e please use contact form etc,etc... have a nose and please let me know what you think!! All the best Gail


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