How do you run a creative business when you want to do everything?

In approximately a months time I'll be going on Jenny Hyde's business retreat. I cannot wait.

For years  I've been wrestling with the way I want Moobaacluck to grow - in fact whether I do!? (I do) and how I do (how should I?)

You might have noticed, if you know Moobaacluck that I've been developing the look of my "brand" and it's becoming clearer. I've made lists and lists of key words... what it's all about.. and I am a little the wiser. It's cute, curious, fun, colourful, for children... and adults who love all of that. It has so much potential. It's a gift business, a stationery business and a home decor business. Who is my customer? I know grandmothers buy from me, uncles buy from me, mother's buy from me, husbands buy from me. If I had to pin it down I'd say women in their 30s-40s. There's a lot of work here to do isn't there! :) I still haven't developed a trade range. All my work goes directly from me to my customers. I love that; and of course working that way means freedom to a certain extent. 

I've been on The Ladder Club weekend; I've been a product manager for Greeting card companies. I know the pressure to bring out ranges and keep them refreshed. I think that's what's stopped me - until now - going down that route. The more I think about it the more I think that it can be done another way. We are in charge of our own businesses. I think I feel another post coming on. I'll leave that for now!

Unfortunately that doesn't mean that when I look at my Etsy shop or shop on Notonthehighstreet it's all totally cohesive... there are some rogues in there that I am fond of and are what I would call "Gabriella Buckingham". Anyone who knows me will know that has always been my battle. There are some new black and white ink pieces that I want to do more of.. but there is a style that's emerging and that's exciting. Catching hold of ideas and knowing what to do first is difficult - as is funding. 

I still hanker to be a professional painter somewhere deep down but I have decided this year to paint purely for myself when I can, not to whine about it, to see if that's just a childhood fantasy that should remain a hobby ( I have had a solo exhibition and contributed to others in the past so it's not impossible) or if I could somehow start a second income stream on some basis . I have yearnings to paint landscapes and abstracts, still life and...that remains to be seen. 

Oh and there's illustration. And silk screening to learn. You see my problem. I go round and round in circles. I need a plan. 

How on earth do you cope with creative dreams alongside a creative business?! It would be great to hear some insight from some of you ..


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