What a busy week

Not a lot to say, been doing too much of that on Twitter! Inundated with work this week literally 10mins after arriving home I had a phone call from someone ordering bunting privately and the new Notonthehighstreet brochure came out so have quite a few orders from that. Not sure whether the amount that comes in will actually cover the cost of being in it, that remains to be seen! But to grow the business one has to take a risk once in a while. My father thinks I am not a risk taker but I'm not sure he knows me that well! To give him his due he has lived in Spain for the past several years so is basing his opinions on annual meetings. Mind you depends how you define risk :)) Just got back from a lovely holiday over there with the children. Sadly I was unable to access a computer :( but actually it turned out to be a good thing as I did begin to unwind after a few days. So much so was raring to go when I got back, still am - only pretty tired now! Holiday photo selection ( heavily edited never fear) will appear here in the next few days.

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  1. Well done you on all your fab! coverage - entirely deserved! Hope you had the chance to relax and re-charge your batteries whilst away - got my week booked mid-August - Cornwall with my parents - will look forward to being spoilt!


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