Local beauty in the snow

I love the snow, it transports you to the past in a way. Easy to imagine how life was without cars. The children have been off school today which I found tricky having hardly slept.

Moobaacluck is in its infancy and I am finding it hard to juggle it with illustration possibilities, the gallery in Cromer and responding to enquiries and opportunitites; especially when all is not as it seems!! But I have decided to do my first trade show in July at the Harrogate Gift Fair. When am I supposed to fit friends and family in?!
:) Does anyone else just "see what happens" - I'm not one for a master plan. I do love the unexpected journey of self employment.

The second picture was 2nd Jan when we persuaded the children to come for a walk - it was stunning! We went to Cromer for fireworks on New Years eve, the next photo was taken as we drove along. I was NOT driving.


  1. Starting a new business is full of sleepless nights,decisions to be made and like you, my self employment is in it's infancy, never knowing what will happen next.Good to have virtual friends to share all the trials and tribulations with!


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