Trying my hand at some sewing!

This is my sewing machine. It was bought for me as a present by Tony my husband and we had to dig it out of the garage so that I could attempt to turn a size 10 skirt that I'd found in a charity shop into a dress vaguely resembling something a Victorian girl would have worn.

Fortunately how to thread it and load a bobbin came back to me and at about 7 pm I got to work. I found an old cot sheet in a trunk and decided that I would make a frilly apron out of that. Nothing like setting yourself a task is there?! I cut the waist band off the bias cut skirt and cut a neck line of sorts. Before Freya went to bed I asked her to climb into it and pinned a few loose pleats to make it slightly less voluminous. Of course I left the hem on the skirt! My sewing is pretty cack handed but I did do that forward than backwards overstitching so it should hold together...
The apron was another story, it took a lot longer but was better sewn on the whole.. I didn't finish until 11.30pm as I couldn't fathom how on earth to make a ruffled hem other than by hand. It was a stab in the dark but it worked and most importantly Freya was pleased enough to say " that's good muma - you should do it professionally!" Er, no I don't think so!
Elliot went off looking a little like David Essex with his Falmer waistcoat and neckkerchief - again last minute finds at a charity shop!
and I plaited Freya's hair

All in all I am very glad we made the effort to send them off like that; it's such a faff but their happiness makes it worth it. Tony took some great photos in sepia effect too and apart from the 1929 bungalow and bike bag you would almost think they were from the past :)

I wonder if Victorian day is happening all over the country or if its just in Norfolk? There was a run on flat caps in North Walsham apparently :)


  1. Aw. They look great. I think every school rolls out a Victorian Day at some point. I have done one with Y1 s at two different schools, particularly enjoyed the silent lessons and using the dunce cap!!

  2. Very impressed & I love the sepia photos. On days like those I'm always glad I have boys as a waistcoat and flat cap can cover quite a few eras! Shame you didn't say earlier I could have sent you ours from the dressing up box!

  3. Thanks both - I LOVE having comments :)

    Jo where are you in Norfolk - or aren't you?!

    x Gabs

  4. I remember going to a 'Victorian' day when I was in primary school too - kind of scary I seem to remember! Well done on the costumes, you did a really good job! x

  5. Thanks Jenny,I can imagine it must be fantastic to be able to sew properly. I might have a go at another project soon :)

  6. Good work! I well remember my own mum going through the same late-night stresses.

  7. ahhh what fab outfits and photos they look so authentic!! well done you x


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