Autumn weekend

On Saturday I had to work but the children and Tony went to the Ecotech Centre in Swaffham and climbed up the only wind turbine that will allow you to in the UK! Very jealous. It swayed a bit and there are 300 steps to climb.
There's an unusual garden there too...
On Sunday though it was very much a family day, the children drew out their pumpkins for cutting by Tony in the kitchen....
...while I painted horsehead backgrounds at the other end of the table. After lunch we all drove to Sheringham park and did the spooky trail surrounded by glorious trees and views. 
How blue the sky was... and I loved the autumn colours underfoot ....
And this stunning Acer.. Tony's pic looks amazing large but it runs over the text at extra large :(

No moans or tears and the children were great too. Even though I took great delight in scaring my daughter twice!! Love you FB.
  We climbed the viewing tower and this is me at the top squinting in the sunshine:
And a muddy coloured pic I took of a view through the bushes to the sea:
We pottered when we got back. Funny how that extra hour made the day extend, we seemed to pack so much in! I have a lot of work to do to tame this garden. I did make these beds myself but have been so busy this year I just let it grow and did nothing to it. I am determined to be more self sufficient next year so am getting down to clearing things in readiness for spring. One day I will buy myself a greenhouse to get a head start with seedlings.

There were a few marigolds still flourishing among the parched seedlings so I gathered those up and arranged this to decorate our table when we ate our roast lamb in the evening! Bit of a domestic goddess day :)
How was your weekend?


  1. Definately was a goddess of niceness this weekend. No yelling all weekend, calm stroking of pigs and horses at a farm and lots of good food.

    Btw if you want bigger pics I know how now after someone else mentioned how. Go into the design bit and when you press advanced for the template design you can alter the widths, it has a slidy thing for right and left margins. Hope this helps. I strain seeing smaller shots now with my ancient eyeballs so big print all the way for me.


  2. Ancient eyeballs! I am sure you are years younger than me... or I am just super wrinkly! thanks for commenting - I'll look at that template thingy x


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