The postman brought good things today

I was very pleased to see the postman today as he had a nice stack of goodies for me; @whoatemycrayons had sent me my latest batch of Moobaacluck labels and two other things I'd ordered turned up! I hadn't known when this one would arrive as I'd ordered from a seller on Etsy who lives in America...

Bunny Dee aka Danielle Gundry- Monji makes beautiful things, I love her illustration style. I stumbled across her from a mention on someones blog ( sorry someone I am like a butterfly flitting with little memory) and then contacted her through her Etsy shop asking if she would post to the UK. Danielle immediately got back to me and made sure I could order the 3 badges and something else she'd been working on.... may know I rather like bunnies... this was what was inside the box:

I am wearing it now. The chain is just long enough to go over my head without undoing the clasp and it is lovely to find something in gold too rather than silver which doesn't suit me. Love it Danielle - thank you x

I also received these lovely goodies from Valerie at Snapdragon in Scotland for Jane Lindsay.

Now I am not sure whether Jane had time to have a hand in making them herself as she was on holiday in London last week but I was so impressed with the quality and speed with which my order was dealt! and the generousity of the set of stickers and yet another handsome postcard to thank me for my order. Very pleased with these :) I am sure my daughter will love hers. Thank you Snapdragon x


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