special sunday

I loved today, it was a bubble of joy and pleasure. Some of my favourite people visited and hoovered up the food I had put together since the early hours.

Ottelenghi and Delia sat on my shoulders with a vague improvistation of Annabel Karmel for the children. Said children were angels that hoverred in the hope of leftovers. ( this is our garden - you can just see our apple tree in the centre of the pic below:

That white chocoolate ganache was heavenly.
OK Ottelenghi - I didn't get it quite right visually but oh my goodness - the flavour and I have to say - how gorgeous they looked despite the ott coulis on the surface.
The other version I made : half creme fraiche, half marscapone- some vanilla essence and 25g icing sugar. Yum...

Those are our lovely friends and our garden .... it faces North East which means the area nearest to the house is in the shade by midday. Perfect afternoon - the kind I dreamt of in summer but that never happened. I feel quite soppy that a day like this happened, thank you Becky, Neil and Suzy and dear dh. X

just re - read this and sozzled would be a better word for "soppy" :)


  1. Lovely!! The cakey things look scrummy!

  2. they were! astonishing - if I say so myself. Think I will have to make them again in a week or so! x Gabs


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