Diana Mayo Illustration

I want to introduce you to Diana Mayo, very talented illustrator who was at Kingston Upon Thames art college with me (quite a few years ago now!)

Even then Diana had a very definite style and quickly went on to become very successful in the publishing world painting many beautiful children's picture books over the years, among other commissions.

I spotted her wonderful print of Chelmsford where she now lives and absolutely love it. Those colours and textures - fab!! If you'd like to order one or see more of her work please read the details below the picture.  

©Diana Mayo 2011

You can also follow Diana on Twitter which she has just recently joined @DianaMayoillo She hasn't tweeted much. Needs a nudge ;

A high quality (limited edition) Giclee print of an original artwork by Diana Mayo, entitled "Chelmsford".

Showing all the best bits, especially if you have children to visit with : )
See if you can find the children hiding, too!

The paper size is available at A2 (420mm X 594mm) or A3 (297mm X 420mm).
The image then sits just inside this with a few cms border to allow for framing.

Price for A2 size is £85 and A3 is £55 (plus postage and packing)


  1. hi Gabs, the picture has just come out as a load of HTML !!

  2. Oh dear! It looks ok at this end - maybe it was when i was fiddling with it. Please check and try again!? anyone else ?

  3. Picture is showing OK on my monitor, and what a picture. Had to go and take a peek at her site and love her illustrations particularly those in her 'New coats' post. Brilliant! x

  4. Thank you so much, Gabs, for your lovely blog!

    And thanks, too, for the nice comments : )

    (I've sent a bigger pic, so fingers crossed you can see the image better soon)

    PS don't know how to put my URL in to show this is me : /
    Diana x

  5. its fine now, lovely pic xx
    BTW please can you disable the word verification, its much harder than it used to be and it takes me several tries to get it right, ta xx

  6. Hello again Gabs, if you go to the blogger dashboard and click on settings, when that page comes up, click on comments and scroll down until you come to comment moderation, where you have the option of enabling (which means you get an email before the comment is published, so you can choose to publish it or not), or not and below that there should be word verification with a yes/no option - at least thats how it is on mine, I'm still on the old blogger type.
    Joy xx

  7. ok, thanks for trying, the words I have to type in for this to show are "nandeten and ngetp (I think), they are squiggly!!

  8. This is a great print - thanks for sharing.

  9. It's always great to see the work of other artists , her work is lovely and colourful. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, hope the post will be useful!!

  10. Penny is so smart, the words I have to type in for this to show are "nandeten and ngetp (I think), they are squiggly!! looking forward to all the good things your blog shares.


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