Spring Windowsill

©Tony Buckingham

These fellas have been sitting on my windowsill this week. I've started to have orders for them - last night two came through for the spotty versions. I must remember to take a picture when they are finished. Spot the stone. It's amazing how odd shaped pebbles and gravel end up on our window sills!!

I have started painting the interior of my summerhouse in the last few days. The large tin of paint I found was not the milk and honey colourway for my sons nursery but "Birch" - the paint we've used in our living room. Fortunately I do like it.. it remains to be seen whether it will work well as a background for photography...

 ©Gabriella Buckingham

This is "Birch" with one of this weeks personalised "Sparkle Star" commissions leaning against a pot I made on a wheel years ago when I did a ceramics course.

I'm a bit worn out this evening, I slightly burnt a cake, went for a jog, painted some of the summerhouse, packed and posted some orders - not in that order: I've been up late too, tweaking my website, funny how you spot something every time you visit! It is all part of my branding course. However I will be changing things again soon- once I have worked through the course systematically and in light of what I should find out in this last week of the Flourish course. :) Big things ahead.

I have very much felt that Spring is arriving.

Hard to believe that it was like this only two weeks ago. Personally I hope that was the last of Winter...but I think last year was a bit like this!?

©Gabriella Buckingham


  1. Gorgeous - Sophie and Sam's rabbits are out all year long and look fab!

  2. Lovely sunny bunnies and I love the sparkly star. Such nice fresh colours for this time of year.

  3. Thanks both :)

    I can't wait until my summerhouse is in a fit state to show it off. Hang on in there everyone. I will have to ensure the garden outside is tackled next....

    Gabs x

  4. Today there was spring light where I live…it was so refreshing it motivated me to go for a jog for the first time in months! Lovely sunny bunnies and I love the sparkly star. looking forward to all the good things your blog shares!

  5. Hi Gabriella do YOU rembember me I am Valérie Monica
    I was your penfriend in France
    I Would love

  6. Valerie!!!

    Bien sur je te souviens!!!! CA va?

    My french isn't any better than then. do email me and let me know what your life has been like and where you are!

    Would love to hear from you.

    you can reach me through my moobaacluck.com site "contact me"

    gros bisous :) Gabs


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